Denmark Based Real Estate Firm Reduced Imaging Cost to 50% and Received Processed Virtual Tours in Record 16 Hours Turnaround

The Client

Popular in Denmark as a leading real estate photography services firm, which also handles 3D visualization and floor plans, the client works with many designers, architects and builders all around the country. This company was on the lookout for an outsourcing partnership with a team that could not only understand the changing face of the imaging industry but also analyze and execute a heavy workload while meeting high quality standards.

The Challenge

We understand that every company has its own set of goals and needs. If we partner with them, it is our job to ensure that we completely understand these challenges so as to fulfill them –

  • Keeping ourselves updated about the changing demands and standards of the real estate imaging industry
  • Convincing the client that we are experts in the field of digital photography and editing
  • Having a proper business plan in place so as to be able to handle production of 50k high resolution images on a yearly basis
  • Having flexible work hours so as to meet the deadline of 14 hours for each assignment
  • Providing image outputs that are 99% error-free
  • Making sure that all the software used have been legally obtained

The Back Office Pro Solution

We knew that the turnaround time for each task was quite short, which is why we ensured the resources were always in place. Our actions ensured that we met these challenges –

  • Hiring a team of skilled photo editors which ensured that any increased work volume could be handled anytime
  • Ensuring that the skilled editors turned in output that was 99% error-free
  • Responding immediately to any queries the client might have
  • Using the most recent versions of the software packagesfor photo editing
  • Strictly using only VPN communication: IPSec/ PPTP so as to ensure the highest level of data security
  • Paying the utmost attention to client data security by using the latest licensed version of McAfee Enterprise Suite
  • To ensure that the workflow was as seamless as possible we used hi-end safety solutions and gateway-level filters for spam and spyware. We established surf control through a URL filter and domain level access restrictions.
  • Enhanced security through a user authentication based file system access policy
  • Providing our imaging experts with a dedicated 3-4Mbps broadband line
  • Using 40 high end workstations with proper software licensing to make sure that the work was completed without encountering any speed-bumps


The Result

To meet the client’s high expectations, we ensured that our team worked extra hard and with full concentration, so that we could meet these goals –

  • Saved the client 40-60% of its yearly expense
  • Meeting the 14 hour deadline every single time to ensure that the client’s schedule was not hampered
  • Succeeding to establish a long term relationship with the client, which further guaranteed future work with a higher volume

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