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BackOffice Pro (BOP) serves businesses across the world, positioning ourselves as a trusted outsourcing provider of image enhancement services. Companies who are looking to outsource their spillover projects, and other skill-intensive assignments, rely on BOP to fill in the gaps and enrich their photo editing projects. Our industry experience and proficiency with top of the line image editing software, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom ensures that you can leverage the skilled resources you need to complete all your marketing and sales, real estate, and other image enhancement projects.

BOP has the infrastructure and skill-based capabilities to provide high-quality deliverables at a competitive price on your company’s deadline. Contact us for transforming unremarkable images into professional visual testimonials of your company and your clients.

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BOP’s Photo Enhancement Skill Sets

BOP’s image editing resources are well trained, experienced, and certified Adobe specialists with cross-industry exposure, allowing us to strengthen projects with the following skill sets:

  • Expert in working on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • First-hand experience in maintaining visual consistency as per the branding guidelines.
  • Firm grasp of visual best practices, including traditional photography and emerging digital visual styles, and visual innovation in the digital space.
  • Experience in image manipulation, colorization, color correction, background removal, skin tone retouching, clipping, and cropping, floor plan conversion, etc.
  • Experience in following client specified style guides and custom requirements of color, tone, and perception.

Photo Enhancement Services Offered by BOP

BOP’s service range features supportive Image Enhancement options that support your creative visual needs with flexible outsourcing options:

  • Photo Treatment Conceptualization BOP ensures that commissioned images meet our client’s online content publishing requirements and use image enhancement techniques to articulate the strategy behind color correction and image manipulation.
  • Photoshop Treatment BOP uses Photoshop layers, masks, paths, actions, color correction tools, creates shadows consistent with existing lighting conditions, and utilized automated workflow to treat, edit, retouch, make exposure adjustments, and size image assets.
  • Model Retouching & Editing BOP high-end retouching process seamlessly composites images and adjusts garments and draping for correct fit and product details for human model subjects. Includes noise removal, image sharpening, airbrushing, brightening, eye redness correction, and more.
  • Real Estate Image Enhancement BOP offers enhancement options specifically designed for real estate needs, including proportion correction, panorama stitching, 360-degree panoramas, image stitching, resolution adjustment, and specialized effects.
  • Image Postproduction BOP aids companies in maintaining industry standards for image enhancement post-production quality, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all treated images. Includes assessment by lead editors for best quality assurance.
  • Image Archival BOP can help companies maintain large volumes of images, organize folder structures, and archive all photography, images, and media invoices and contracts for better organization, retrieval, and recall.

Benefits of Utilizing BOP’s Outsource Image Enhancement Service

Businesses can make use of BOP’s versatile team of editors and their skillsets to optimize their image-based content and benefit from the following:

  • Format Versatility BOP can work with any image format, including PEG, PSD, TIFF, RAW, EVG, PNG, and GIF so that images are ready for publication or distribution across brand websites, social media, and e-commerce sites.
  • Processing Pipeline Support Receive outsourcing support through every phase of the image processing pipeline, from image acquisition and enhancement to archival, transmission, and online display.
  • Encourage Loyalty Establish a strong brand identity, connect with customers, and encourage brand recognition with high-quality photos that represent your company’s aesthetic, marketing objectives, and product or service offerings.
  • Smart Image Organization Receive backup support for image originals and edits, including database creation or catalog creation with searchable keywords, cloud backup support, image tagging, and more.
  • Multiple Workflow Output Take advantage of strong back end workflow outsourcing support with printing options, digital photo album organization and image data entry, online photo hosting support, and geo-tagging with maps.


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Transparent and Trusted Image Enhancement Services in India

Companies who need the support of skilled resources to accelerate all their image editing projects with custom Photo Enhancement Services turn to the specialists at BOP. We work closely with our clients to ensure every deliverable is visually flawless and a demonstration of our passion for creative expression and problem-solving.

Contact BOP today and speak with a knowledgeable consultant on how our unique skills and Image Enhancement outsourcing options can help you succeed in your next business project.