Outsource HDR Blending Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one the most preferred destinations in India to outsource HDR blending requirements. The extraordinary team of image editors caters to the global photo studios, real estate marketing agencies to support their bulk image editing needs. Our clients are encouraged by the flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) engagement model that can be scaled up and down on a need basis. The highly skilled image editors at BOP take delight in delivering eye-catching images with meticulous HDR blending.

Adhering to the ISO guidelines, we undergo multi-layered quality checks to enhance the obscured parts of the images, endowing brightness to them. Outsource HDR blending to blend multiple images of your property and combine the best aspect of the images into a glamor shot of the property. Lure your potential buyers with stunning property images with HDR blending services.

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HDR Blending Skillsets at BOP

As one of the most imminent companies providing HDR blending services in India, BOP’s image editing team has all the prerequisite skill sets to produce appealing images serving as marketing collaterals. Here is the list of skillsets we possess:

  • Expert in working with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, PUGui, PhotoENgine, Enfuse, and Enblend
  • Proficient in blending images with different temperature and lighting condition
  • Expert in tone mapping and blending images with different exposures
  • Firm experience in maintaining visual consistency applying the visual best practices
  • In-depth knowledge of color profiles such as RGB/CMYK, Pantone, etc
  • Adept in rectifying the common shooting flaws such as over and underexposure adjustments, flashlight reflections
  • Proven experience in correcting irregular and asymmetric distortions, and the vertical and horizontal perspectives of the images
  • Advanced skills in image enhancement, clipping path, photo cut, retouching, and panorama effects.

HDR Blending Services at BOP

When you outsource HDR blending to BackOffice Pro, we take your property images, shot at different times and light, while expertly blending them into one amazing image resulting in maser shots. The expert team offers accurate HDR blending services that include:

  • Image Bracketing With the experienced image editing team at BackOffice Pro, combine images at various resolutions and lighting levels and blend them into a set of spectacular photos, spotting the best aspects of each.
  • Perspective Correction Correct your imperfect photos and make them look perfect with the BackOffice Pro team. We edit the images to rectify the distortions in the image perspectives.
  • Color Correction Color variations are one of the significant reasons behind images looking unprofessional and washed out. With BackOffice Pro, correct the imperfect images and balance the color and lighting to the best advantage.
  • 360° Panorama With BOP, create a 360° panorama and virtual tour with your real estate images to lure your potential buyers. Amplify your marketing initiatives with interactive marketing collaterals that sells.
  • Image Stitching Outsource HDR blending to BOP experts to stitch multiple images and integrating them as one for a panoramic look, correcting color, reducing noise and blemishes while enhancing the images.

Benefits of Outsourcing HDR Blending

As a significant company providing HDR blending services in India, we work as your back-office support. When you outsource HDR blending requirements to BOP, the image editing team works with the latest software and techniques to deliver superior output. Offload your influx HDR blending needs to get the outsourcing benefits below:

  • Merge images with multiple exposures and create perfectly balanced images for your business.
  • Correct the color tone and temperature of the images to enhance and portray the appropriate perspective
  • Blend images with various lighting conditions with the apt tonal mapping to bring out the best visual
  • Reduce the overall contrast of the images to facilitate display in all devices and printouts


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Outsource HDR Blending to Set the Right Tone for your Images

HDR blending takes a lot of skill and experience to blend photos perfectly, so they evolve in the process, looking natural and unique. BackOffice Pro is your ideal back-office partner to outsource HDR blending work, to turn them to perfect shots of your properties with sky changes and other enhancement techniques that sell. The experienced team at BOP support the influx of HDR blending requirements regardless of continuous or one-time business relation. Contact us to know more about our services and the process to outsource HDR blending requirements to us.