Clipping Image Services for the Largest Sports Goods Retailer in the UK

Image Clipping Case Synopsis

Client Profile- Largest Sports Goods Retailers in UK

The client is the largest sports goods retailer in the UK. Founded in 1982 with a single store, the client operates in 20 countries today with a diverse portfolio of fitness, sports, fashion, and lifestyle products. Their unique strategy to expand their retail presence across multi-channel is investing in their business, their people, and their brand partners and attaining new levels of excellence.

The client strives to deliver more values to their shareholders over a long period and adopting consistent accounting principles. Across 494 stores all over the UK, and 253 stores in Europe, they offer a diversified range of iconic brands and an innovative retail experience to their customers.

Client Requirement: Clipping Image Service

The client required clipping product apparel. They wanted to get help for clipping the products, removing the mannequin, and retouching the images. They partnered with BOP and received the best output.

Challenges faced by BackOffice Pro Faced in the Project

The initial hurdles include the number of images, i.e., 200 images had to be processed within 24 hours. Additionally, the client was very particular with the wrinkle removal. The processed image should not look artificial. With highly skilled resources and strategies, we easily overcame the challenges and met the requirement.

Illustration Team

Custom-Built Process of the BOP for the Clipping Image Project

The client had taken a trial of 4 images on different apparels. Once he approved, we were then assigned to process 800 images a week. The workflow is as follows:

  • We received the jpeg files and using Photoshop we removed the mannequin from the apparels.
  • The backside of the apparel was created to bestow a realistic view.
  • Then we removed the background and made it white
  • Neck-joining and retouching to remove wrinkles were done.
  • The final jpeg file (3000 x 3000, 72 dpi) were sent to the client.


Benefits the Client Received

The client had a huge benefit in terms of cost and time. BackOffice Pro processed 800 images per week with 70% cost-benefit. The client, being highly satisfied with us, signed a long-term contract assigning us with ongoing projects.