New Zealand Based Fashion Footwear Seller Outsourced Product Image Clipping to Reduce Operational Cost by 50%

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Meet the Client: Footwear Company at Auckland

This Auckland based footwear business has 300 employees on its payroll and has 35 outlets throughout the country. Most of its products are sourced from the world over and are sold at self-help stores, while customers can also procure them online.




Software / Application

Adobe Photoshop


40,000 images per yearf

Image Clipping Challenges at Client’s End

The client’s main challenge was a drop in productivity as it had to work with limited resources, quick turnaround times, all while maintaining the quality standards. With the escalating pressure of more work, the client desperately needed a cost-effective offshore solution that could work around the client's schedule while delivering top-notch editing services.

With its current capacity, the client found it difficult to meet the quota of editing 40,000 images yearly. They needed someone who could work around the client's schedule so that the turnaround time didn't suffer.

The factors that were obstacles to the client's goal were:

  • Lack of enough skilled labor in the client's local business area
  • The extra burden of operating costs if they hired in-house editing teams
  • A very tight deadline of 48 hours for each task

Image Clipping Support at BackOffice Pro

We used a 5-pronged approach to get the task completed as follows: -

  • Allocated adequate resources and experienced image editors who could work around the client's schedule to fit into its program.
  • Placed a high preference to the client’s security by:
  • Installing a safe VPN communication system - IPSec/PPTP
  • Using the latest licensed version of McAfee Enterprise Suite
  • Running gateway level anti-spyware and anti-spam filters so that fortify the central server
  • Controlled surfing by running URL filtering applications
  • Controlling domain-level access by enforcing a strong Group Policy
  • Using domain authentication techniques to restrict online access
  • Having a centralized server-based storage system that implements user authentication
  • Granting the Imaging department, a 4Mbps connection
  • Utilizing 40 computers that have the updated licensed Adobe Photoshop
  • Assigning a dedicated supervisor to handle all of the client's queries

Footwear Image Clipping Outcome

The key benefits for the client due to this partnership were:

  • Operational cost was halved
  • Freed up resources for core work as outsourcing relieved a lot of pressure
  • Best image editing services at the most competitive prices
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