60000 Real Estate Images are Enhanced with HDR Blending Services for Scaling Up Real Estate Marketing

What BackOffice Pro Does?

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the major image editing companies in India, providing supreme quality real estate HDR blending solutions to global clients from different corners of the world. Based on our skills and expertise, the client partnered with us for HDR blending for a considerable volume of real estate images and was happy with our deliverables. Owing to the trust, they have formed on BOP, the client signed up with us for long-term requirements.


Meet the Client: Real Estate Marketing Firm in Ohio

Established in 2004, the client is an expert in marketing and sales of homes in Ohio and different regions in the USA. They know the best approaches to showcase properties in the most professional and timely manner to speed up sales. With years of experience in real estate marketing with images and video tours, they cater to their clients to help them sell their properties with a hassle-free approach.

The Objectives Behind HDR Image Blending

  • Processing real estate images with HDR Blending
  • Enhancing the images with color correction, perspective correction, sky replacement
  • Delivering 2000 images per day


The client partnered with BackOffice Pro for image stitching to:


Ohio, USA


$66000 per annum

Software / Applications

Photomatic Pro 7, Lightroom, Photoshop 2020

The Client's Challenge for Image Benefit

The client had a vast volume of 60000 real estate images to be edited, retaining the quality and enhancing the look and feel. They wanted to partner with a company that could help them with editing their bulk images and at affordable rates. Coming across with BackOffice Pro, they found us highly experienced, creative, and cost-effective. They hired us for a long-term requirement to support their business needs.

HDR Image Blending Solution from BOP

After we succeeded in the trial, the client shared the access to log in to their portal to download the raw images in.DNG formats directly. We blended the images using Photomatic Pro7, processed the photos in Lightroom for color correction, image enhancement, and toning based on their Lightroom presets. Then we moved to Photoshop for perspective correction, sky and grass replacement, and straightening.

Since we had a huge volume of processing 2000 images per day, the maximum average turnaround time for editing one image was 1 minute, which seemed a challenge initially for two experts. However, after one more image editor and one quality checker was added in the team, the process became easy, and we successfully delivered the quota of the per day volume working in the client’s shift timing. Once the image enhancement was done, each image was uploaded in their portal again in the proper sequence. The client highly appreciated the reporting structure of BOP and the quality of the output we offered.

The Results of HDR Blending at BOP

  • Saved 25% on their real estate image editing cost
  • Received 2000 images every day
  • Experts working with them in their shift timing on bulk image editing projects
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