Women Apparel Company in New Zealand Hires eCommerce Image Clipping Services to Build an eCommerce Wardrobe

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Meet the Client: An Apparel Design Company in New Zealand

The client is a renowned women’s apparel designing company based out in New Zealand, which is home to ten fashion labels. Established in 2007, the company grew as a startup in a garage and achieved the heights as one of the leading fashion houses in the country. It continued to build its brand every year. With every new brand, the client brings more bright colors and designs to the wardrobes.

Objectives Behind eCommerce Wardrobe Building

The main objectives behind creating the eCommerce wardrobe are to:

  • Showcase different apparel and how they fit in with varying tones of skin.
  • Helping customers understand how they would look like in the apparel and the accessories.



New Zealand


3000 images


cost – 15000 USD

Challenges for the Client for eCommerce Wardrobe Building

The client had requirements in three parts – model headshot, basic and patterned apparel clipping, and flat lay accessories. The above three parts included head swap, simple to complex hair-masking, clipping color correction, adding accessories to the models like watches, belts, hats, shoes, handbags, etc., and creating a wardrobe on the website. They found it difficult to accomplish ad hence were in search of an outsourcing partner to get accurate deliveries. Tying up with BOP gave them the solution to the challenges.

Solutions from BOP on eCommerce Wardrobe Building

Once we received the inputs in the form of three models of different sizes-small, medium, and large, a team of four members started working on the project. We had to download the images from the website with a low resolution of 72 dpi and had to scale up the same image to 150 dpi, which was a challenge in the initial phase. Additionally, the workflow with several steps was also a hurdle. However, with our experience in handling complex projects, we were able to overcome all the challenges while designing a customized approach to accomplish the project.

We built a team with experts on portrait enhancement in Photoshop CC, and hair masking with WACOM. Starting with basic headshots to complex ones based on the hair texture, we added details to the model hair using the WACOM pen tablet. We resized the three model images and the patterned apparels on the three model images and adjusted to fit the entire body to fit proportionately. Followed with that, we added accessories like hat, belt, watch bangles, handbags, shoes, and correct the shadow for the inner part of the apparel after Co-joint. Finally, we shared the output files in JPEG format with white background and PNG format as well within a timeline of 45 days.

Results Obtained from eCommerce Wardrobe Building Solution from BOP

  • The client partnered with an experienced photo editing team that works closely with the marketing, photography, and design team
  • Received a cost-benefit of 60% with our rate that is three times lesser than the market rate
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