Germany Based Children Photography Studio Processed 60k Portrait Images Per Annum Saving 40% on Post Processing

Portrait Enhancement Assistance at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is significant image editing company in India providing portrait enhancement service to photography studios, individual photographers to support their bulk image processing requirements. We enhance the images to add a “wow” element and make them eye catching. Our image editing team would meticulously restore the old portraits along with skin retouching, background removal, airbrushing, color correction etc.


Meet the Client: Children Portrait Photography Studio in Germany

The client is a seven-year-old German children’s portrait photography studio that operates in many German cities and towns.

Objective Behind the Portrait Editing Project

The major objective behind the project was producing 60k images every year lowering the expenses by 40-60%.




Software / Application



60,000 images annually

Portrait Editing Challenges for the Client

As the client’s company was rapidly growing in scale, it needed a highly cost-effective partnering solution with a team that could handle the increasing image processing workload the client had to unload. They wanted to process 60k high quality images on a yearly basis while meeting the rigid deadlines.

Portrait editing Support form BackOffice Pro

We assigned the best possible team in terms of skills and experience and provided the necessary training to brush up. The image editing team worked diligently on Adobe Photoshop, to the point of guaranteeing 99% error free output. We also presented prompt responses to each and every client query on time.

Portrait editing Project Outcome

As a result of the hard work we put in for the client’s assignment, the ultimate prize was its satisfaction. We also managed to –

  • Develop a long-term professional partnership under which the client asked us to handle 70,000 more photo edits
  • Keep our entire task duration within the tight deadline set by the client
  • Save the client about 40-60% of its image processing expenditure
Portrait Enhancement CTA

Enhance you Portraits with Image Editing Techniques at BOP

BackOffice Pro has a team of highly skilled image editors, that supports the bulk and small image editing needs of the photographers, e-commerce companies, real estate companies, etc. We are ISO certified and deliver high-quality images within faster turnaround time. If you have you have similar and bulk portrait editing requirements, it's time to stop worrying and outsource to us so that you can focus on your core business while we work on your requirements with regular communication and updates from our project managers. Contact us to know more about how we can assist you in your business requirements while offering you with the outsourcing benefits.

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