German Children Photography Studio Increased Their Imaging Capacity to 70,000 Per Annum and Saved 40% on Post Processing

The Client

The client is a seven year old German children’s portrait photography studio that operates in many German cities and towns. As the client’s company was rapidly growing in scale, it needed a highly cost-effective partnering solution with a team that could handle the increasing image processing workload the client had to unload.

The Challenge

In order to ensure that the client was fully satisfied we had to overcome these challenges –

  • Being contractually obliged to produce 60k high quality images on a yearly basis
  • Working non-stop to meet the rigid deadlines
  • Ensuring that the output was 99% error-free
  • Reducing the client’s expenditure by 40-60%
  • All software used were properly licensed
  • Providing top-notch productivity by maintaining a solid infrastructure

The Back Office Pro Solution

Knowing that the client had some big expectations from us on this task we did our best to fulfil them –

  • We found the best possible team in terms of qualifications and skills
  • Provided the necessary training to the rookies and brushed up that of the experienced ones
  • Allocating resources properly so as to meet the demands of a short deadline
  • Ensuring our editors work diligently up to the point of guaranteeing 99% error free output
  • Always presenting prompt responses to each and every client query
  • Using the latest state-of-the-art image editing software
  • Strictly using only VPN communication: IPSec/ PPTP so as to ensure the highest level of data security
  • Paying the utmost attention to client data security by using the latest licensed version of McAfee Enterprise Suite
  • To ensure that the workflow was as seamless as possible we used hi-end safety solutions and gateway-level filters for spam and spyware. We established surf control through a URL filter and domain level access restrictions.
  • Providing our imaging experts with a dedicated 3-4Mbps broadband line
  • Using 40 high end workstations with proper software licensing to make sure that the work was completed without encountering any speed-bumps


The Result

As a result of the hard work we put in for the client’s assignment, the ultimate prize was its satisfaction. We also managed to –

  • Develop a long-term professional partnership under which the client asked us to handle 70,000 more photo edits for 2012
  • Keep our entire task duration within the tight deadline set by the client
  • Save the client about 40-60% of its image processing expenditure

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