eCommerce Portraits Plays Pivotal Role in Boosting 60% Sales of a Global Bamboo Dinnerware Supplier

Bamboo Dinnerware Supplier

Client Profile- Chicago Based Food Service Product Company

Based out in Chicago, the client is a world leader in supplying bamboo dinnerware, and a leading manufacturer and online distributor of other restaurant wares. With streamlined goals of satisfying customers every day while being environmentally conscious, they started their journey in 2019 to be a leader in food and beverage industry. With innovation in mind they propelled business beyond the trends and motivated customers across the globe.

Driven by clients’ satisfaction, they conceptualize new products designs, executing same day shipping, they have consistently performed well in the restaurant industry.

Initial Intricacies in the Project

Matching the fonts and size adjustments according to the requirement were challenging initially, perhaps, our editors suggested the font and size, and the client agreed to it. The process was smooth there-after.

Client Requirement - eCommerce Portrait

Being a global leader as a restaurant-ware supplier, the client has a huge eCommerce portal. They wanted assistance in adding content to the eCommerce portraits. BOP was their one-stop solution and received the best eCommerce portraits that enhanced their marketing initiatives.

eCommerce Portrait

Tailor-made Solution from Back office Pro for Ecommerce Portrait

After completing the trial on four images within 24 hours, the client shared the details with us to proceed:

  • We received the content and the raw images on 1000 images from the client
  • In the next step, we uploaded the images in Photoshop
  • The sizes of the images (height x length x width) were adjusted as per requirements
  • We added the content in the right font
  • The final files were submitted to the client within 48 hours.


Benefits for the Client

The client saved 60% of the cost of resources and time. Being highly satisfied with skills and deliverables from BOP, they have assigned us to process 1000 images every week and willing to scale up the numbers shortly.