Famous Luxury Wallet Brand in London Gets Precise eCommerce Portraits and Updates their eCommerce Website

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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the reputed companies providing eCommerce image clipping services to global eCommerce companies, photo studios, product photographers. Our services include background removal, blemish removal, image clipping, color correction, translucent masking, and so on. Being the most trusted partners of the clients across various countries, we serve as back-office support taking care of the influxes in eCommerce image editing requirements.


Meet the client – Leading eCommerce Company in London

Established in 2004, the client is one of the leading and well-known eCommerce companies in London, specializing in luxury leather accessories. They went international to the US, Hong Kong, Asia, Europe, Emirates. With huge popularity in London, the brand started being sold through the prestigious a dedicated area in the stores. Featured in the Italian Vogue, the brand has a background of cultural and design influences. The design includes architecture and geometric shapes, re-thought in incorporated in the products with multi-openings, different carrying options, transformable parts.

Objective Behind the eCommerce Image Editing Requirement

The client’s objective behind this requirement was to get subtle product images edited for exhibiting their products at their best.





100 images in a day

Project cost

12000 USD per annum

Challenges at the Client’s End with the eCommerce Portrait Editing Requirement

The client is a premium eCommerce company offering women leather luxury wallets and handbags. The client wanted to partner with an offshore company to outsource the eCommerce portrait editing requirements for their products. The requirements were clipping, create natural shadows, retouching, straighten bags, belt, liquefy the images, match the bag image colors with the given reference color. They contacted BackOffice Pro (BOP) and signed-up with us for their business requirements.

Support from BackOffice Pro on the eCommerce Portrait Editing Requirements

We engaged in a detailed discussion to understand the exact requirements, and post that, the client shared the .tiff images as inputs. With two-three days delivery plan, a dedicated team of three image editors started with retouching the images deploying Photoshop. At this stage, we removed the scratches, dust, blemishes, patches, creases, and wrinkles, along with adjusting the shadow and highlights. In the second phase, we changed the object color, matched the bag image color with the reference color provided, followed with tint removal, tone leveling, enhancement, and white balancing.

The third phase was fixing the invisible mannequin, which involved titling, straightening, liquifying, flipping, smoothening the edges, and placing the logo. This phase was succeeded by restoration, where we re-created the blown-out parts, matched the overall tone, re-coloring, matching the curves and levels, removed the shadow, and sharpening. Finally, we created a transparent product layer, a natural shadow layer, and a transparent background layer, and shared the output in .tiff format with the client,

eCommerce Image Editing Key Takeaway

As a result, the client received 100 images every day, which helped them keep their website updated with precise and attractive product images.

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Hire BackOffice Pro’s Image Editors to Get Subtle Product Images

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