US Based Wastewater Solution Provider Gets Product Modeling Animation Support for Twin Disc Pump

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Client Profile- US-based Wastewater Solution Provider

Headquartered in New-Jersey, the client provides solutions related to wastewater, challenges to clean flue gas and industrial processing around the world since its incorporation in 1946. The client provides the best quality equipment for thermal processing, sludge processing, pollution control, filtration, drying, wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater, and electric power utilities to a wide range of industrial clients.

Client Requirement: Product Modeling and Animation

The client wanted to develop 3D product animation for their twin disc pump to demonstrate its mechanism. They wanted to partner with a company to help them in creating a 3D animated video of the product. Owing to the expertise and huge experience of Back office Pro, they signed up with us and received an exceptional 2 min 3D product HD animation video.




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2 min 3D Product Animation

Project Challenges faced by BOP Initially in Product Modeling and Animation

The initial challenge was to comprehend the product information, its mechanisms, since it was a new product, without which attaining the quality of the animation was difficult. We overcame the challenge by conducting several meetings with the sales and marketing team of the client to obtain the best information. Going through youtube videos and PPTs provided by the client, we were able to gain deep knowledge of how the product operates and met the client’s expectation.

Customized Approach of Back office Pro for Product Modeling and Animation

When all the challenges were removed, we devised a customized approach as below to meet the requirement:

  • We received the technical details and documentation of the product, the 3D models, PowerPoint presentations to get a brief on the product, and frame-by-frame storyboard for creating the animation.
  • With a team size of four members, we created the initial draft and sent it for review on the technical aspects.
  • With the approval of the client, we made the final model and completed the rendering.
  • Then we created the 2 mins 3D animated HD video with sound effects using MAYA and 3ds MAX, within two weeks.

Key Benefits for the Client in the 3D Product Animation Project

BOP delivered 3D product animation video (HD) on the new product using multiple platforms under one roof.

  • The client received both 3D modeling and 3D rendering
  • Saved 60% of the cost.

They started with one video but based on the quality and expertise provided by the BOP team; they have signed the contract for ongoing projects.

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