Outsource Inventor Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the top companies in India to outsource inventor services for engineering designs. We have a highly skilled team of mechanical engineers with decades of experience working with 3D CAD software. We provide mechanical engineering designs, 3D models, product design, automated product configuration, part and assembly designs, machine designs, and more. Our full-time equivalents (FTEs) offer their expertise in deploying the Inventor tools for creating parametric models, layout designs, sheet metal part designs, mechanical concepts, etc.

As your back-office partner, we take our projects through multiple quality checks to deliver accurate designs, documentation, and simulation. We maintain the ISO guidelines while engaging in motion studies, DFx principles, stress analysis, fatigue analysis, rendering, visualization, and design intricacies for all your mechanical engineering projects. This greatly reduces errors and the need for multiple iterations.

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Inventor Services Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

When you outsource Inventor services to BOP, the top provider of Inventor services in India for engineering designs, highly experienced mechanical engineers become instantly available to serve your project needs. Here are some skill sets that our team possesses:

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  • Knowledgeable teams with years of experience using Inventor.
  • Expert in creating CAD models and technical drawings for improved containerization, packaging, modular design concepts, refinement, rapid prototypes, and mass manufacturing
  • Ability to design tool prototypes for the newest CAD systems and producing drawings using precision measurement as per design intent
  • Experienced in quick creation of sophisticated part and assembly design.
  • Expert with Inventor part modeling, design, and drawing patterns in symmetry by creating organic shapes
  • Extensive knowledge in advanced filleting techniques, including a vast understanding of all available options and tools
  • Experts in freeform modeling, surface modeling, and curvature
  • Experienced with the ability to undertake model making, prototyping, and testing new products
  • Extending help in identifying new systems and processes that drive innovation and helps businesses boost efficiency.

Inventor Services at BOP

Outsource Inventor services with BackOffice Pro and gain access to dedicated and experienced teams. Look no further than BOP to outsource all Inventor services in India.

  • Flexible ModelingBOP teams utilize Inventor’s powerful tools to give you an advantage over the competition. We create complex geometry with parametric modeling, direct modeling, and free-form assembly to fit your unique engineering needs.
  • Automatic Drawing Updates and Views With BOP, you can boost the productivity of drafting through inbuilt fronts, side, and auxiliary views of models. The BOP team expertly interprets drawings by retrieving the dimensional information and produces drawings with detailed engineering that accurately conveys design intent to machinist and fabricator
  • Design Automation Our team of engineers drives the creation through robust built-in designs and automatic creation features, product configuration, frame, assembly design, component generators, etc. You can focus on and accelerate your mechanical designs through task automation by partnering with us.
  • Visualization BOP experts create stunning presentations with exploded views and renderings using Inventor’s visualization and animation capabilities. BOP utilizes powerful visualization tools to create dynamic shading, controlling lighting, and textures to create photorealistic 3D product animation.
  • Simulation and Stress Analysis The team of experts at BOP provides simulation and stress analysis on the designs by applying various conditions to help you avoid product failure, leading to quality products. We indulge in motion simulation, static and modal finite element analysis (FEA), load-bearing frames, and assemblies.
  • Bill of Materials Automation Outsource inventor services to create the automated and associative bill of materials (BOM) for your product manufacturing. We provide part lists for assemblies, cut lists, and the recognition of parts while keeping every team member updated about the changes to facilitate accurate part identification.
  • Pipe and Cable Routing Designs Create 3D piping designs of the routed systems, tubes, and pipes with the BOP Inventor specialists to reduce errors while saving time. Integrate the electrical controls to 3D mechatronic designs by harnessing the routing functionality of cables and wires.
  • BIM Interoperability and CAD Collaboration The engineering team at BOP implements collaborative features in Inventor to import different, complex types of data and enhances interoperability between several file formats. Formats like RFA, .IFC, .ADSK can be used in other Autodesk software.

Benefits of BOP Outsourced Inventor Services

Companies looking to outsource Inventor services in India for their engineering designs are delighted to partner with BOP owing to our wide array of services, expertise, and benefits. We deliver designs that allow you to do all of the following.

  • Reduce the number of errors and coordinate designs flawlessly between different departments
  • Build and analyze digital prototypes so that engineers can focus on developing more competitive designs
  • Reduce long-term overhead costs by boosting efficiency in the way designs are created and updated
  • Resolve design problems that plague projects, resulting in a reduction in failures, warranty costs, while accelerating turnaround time
  • Combines motion dynamics simulator with a commanding linear finite element stress analysis
  • Allows designers to work between designs and simulated environments seamlessly.
  • Predict reaction forces quickly and seamlessly transfer them to the stress analysis environment.
  • Identify features from a specific part and then store them as individual sections in the feature browser.
  • Automatically adapt to changes in the base part of the geometry of a design through fully adaptive designs.

Outsource Inventor Services to Get Precise Product Design

At BOP, we create breathtaking and flawless mechanical designs with high-level precision. With a decade of experience in engineering design, drafting, 3D modeling, and CAD services, we deliver seamless designs for our clients worldwide, meeting their exact expectations to support their product design and development needs. Contact us today to know about our Inventor expertise and find out how you can benefit from outsourcing Inventor services to us.