Financial Research and Modeling for Switzerland Based Pharmaceutical Company Gave Them Better Insights for Budgeting

Financial Model

Client Profile – Switzerland Based Pharmaceutical Company

The client is a renowned pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland, specializing in various medical fields. They produce generic drugs, prescription drugs, healthcare products, and diagnostic tools.

Client Requirement – Financial Modeling

The client was searching for a partner that could help them with accurate financial research and financial modeling service for incorporating effective financial measures in the company. They contracted with BackOffice Pro and got the best solution.

Early Challenges Associated with the Project

Initially, the deadline and validation of the financial modeling looked like a challenge, but later with our expertise, we overcame the hurdle and delivered the best output.

Financial Model Indicator

Tailored Approach of BackOffice Pro for Financial Modeling

The client provided us with their profit and loss statement (P&L), debt contracting value (DCV), and their entire financial. Our team started working on the data, researched, and prepared an accurate financial model for them.

Key Benefits for the Client

The client was able to keep a record of their finances, which gave a better understanding of their financial position and make a proper budget. They were highly satisfied with our financial modeling.