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Layout and composition are the building blocks of print and digital media. A proficiently-designed layout makes a book, magazine, or newspaper more engaging. Publishers and marketers often struggle with the lack of well-composed layouts and page designs. BackOffice Pro(BOP) offers layout design services for various print and digital media, including newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, books, marketing collateral, websites, etc.

BOP’s layout designs align perfectly with the design objective, target audience, and content theme, ensuring effective communication through print and digital publications. With an established presence across the United States, the UK, Australia, and North America, BOP provides affordable layout design outsourcing aimed at creating exceptional visual experiences for your readers.

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Effective Brand Communication with Engaging Page Layout Designs

Offering the perfect blend of colors, composition, typography, graphic designs, text, and image elements, BOP delivers flawless layout designs customized to the print or digital media format within your budget and timeline. The various aspects of page layouts we help you visualize and enhance include:

  • Layout Composition: BOP’s layout designs are characterized by an immaculate composition with perfectly balanced design elements, the hierarchy of positioning, symmetry balance, and alignment. This layout composition lets the viewer follow the advertiser’s line of thought, ensuring their brand message makes the right impact.
  • Color in Layout:Color is one of the most critical factors in an advertising layout since it instantly captures the viewer’s attention. The highly skilled layout design team at BOP utilizes the color element with careful attention to various aspects such as relevance to theme & content, positioning of text and image elements, etc.
  • Theme & Content:Subject, theme, and content dominate the layout idea, making it thought-provoking and easy to comprehend. BOP’s layout design team crafts unique layouts customized to your theme and content type enabling efficient brand communication.

Creative Layout Design Services BOP Offers

BOP offers a wide range of layout design services customized to your unique requirements and crafted in line with your brand values. Our diverse layout design service offerings include the following:

  • Magazine Layout Services BOP provides creative magazine layout design services that help businesses, schools, institutions, and global publishers connect with their audience and promote their brands without compromising their budget or deadline. Covering all aspects of magazine layouts, BOP offers professional design support for magazine covers, text, and body copy editing, typography, and publishing.
  • Book Layout Services Improving book layouts is an effective strategy that will enhance a book's readability — attracting more readers and book retailers at the same time. BOP’s book layout services are aimed at helping both first-time and veteran authors to make book layout designs as effective as possible and print-ready.
  • Indesign Layout Services BOP utilizes sophisticated layout design tools such as Adobe InDesign to ensure the designs they deliver are top-quality. BOP’s InDesign layout services help newspaper, book, and magazine publishers and marketers enhance content with attractive page layout designs for effective brand messaging and impact.

BOP’s Layout Design Services Offer A Wide Range of Benefits

Layout plays a huge role in any form of reading or marketing material by making the information easy to assimilate for the reader. BOP’s layout design services are just what you need to enhance the impact of your print and digital media effectively. The benefits of partnering with BOP for layout design services include

  • Stay Ahead with Research Driven Layout Designs: BOP’s layout design services are backed by in-depth market research to ensure the designs delivered align perfectly with market trends, advertiser objectives, and consumer expectations.
  • Beating Deadlines is What We Do Best!: BOP’s layout design workforce can work in flexible shifts helping you efficiently complete layout design projects within the set timeline without compromising quality.
  • Access The Expertise of BOP’s Highly Skilled Team: Equipped with a team of qualified layout design professionals and access to the most sophisticated design tools, BOP can deliver flawless layout designs with quick turnarounds.
  • Assured Affordable Pricing and Superior Quality: BOP’s expert team of layout designers ensures that every piece of work is dealt with precision, delivering high-quality print layout designs tailored to your specific preferences well within your budget.
  • Focus on Content While You Leave The Rest To Us!: All your concerns regarding the layout designs and their impact are now ours! BOP provides full-service layout design support delivering exceptional page layouts for books, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc., while you concentrate on creating high-impact content.

Partner With BOP For Professional Layout Design Support

Print and digital media are a constantly changing landscape. BOP analyzes market trends and design innovations, offering your brand journey unique layout design services that will appeal to your customer base. Connect with us today for specialized end-to-end layout design support for all your print and digital publications.