Swedish DTP and Design Company Increased inquiries by 200%, sales by 60%, market share by 15% and productivity ratio by 100%

The Client

The client is a well-established layout designing company. Their main work revolves around preparing the Swedish Municipalities’ Annual Reports. They also deal in design work like layout designing for annual and business reports, other master plans, bookkeeping tables and research publications.

The Project

The client has to often undertake alternation projects where a given artwork has to be changed according to the end users’ stipulations. This is often coupled with additional work that requires new artwork and layout plans. However, they found themselves unable to gather the required specifications and directives from the end users. Since this was a crucial aspect of their business, they approached us for a suitable solution.

The Challenges

In the course of our work we faced the following challenges:

  • We needed team members who were experts as well as discrete in their approach
  • We had to examine each client’s requirements in detail in the light of their previous work and deliveries.
  • We had to examine where the client was going wrong by studying the five visual markers: artwork, headings, paraphrasing, character emphasis and explicit navigation elements.
  • We established a 24/7 supervision schedule for punctual completion, reliable and accurate deliveries.
  • We had to utilize sophisticated measures, processes and software for the layout of design projects whenever required.

The Back Office Pro Solution

Following a detailed study of the client’s actual business difficulties, we came up with an innovative way out by including the following features:

  • We formed a team of 5 experienced designers to handle each of the client’s business verticals.
  • Latest software like Abode InDesign, QuarkXPress and Serif PagePlus was used for design and annual report projects.
  • The client was asked to provide us with the details of their end users’ businesses so as to better understand their requirements.
  • All the input templates used by the client to gather information from their end users were examined. Eventually a new template was decided upon so as to rectify any glitches in information gathering.


The Results

Our innovative solutions were met with high praise from the client. They were able to

  • Boost their business inquires by 200%, sales by 60% and market share by 15%
  • Diminish the gaps between their input requirements and the final output.
  • Improve the productivity ratio by 100%
  • Procure more business from other clients
  • Upgrade their layout designing services, bringing them at level with industry and global standards