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About the Client - Leading Book Publishing House in USA

The client, an established book publishing house in the US, approached BackOffice Pro with regards to creating engaging illustrations for their portfolio of primary school textbooks. As part of a larger initiative to drive learning in a fun way, the publishing house sought to replace the outdated, plain text and the image-text model with pictorial and text-based illustrations to make the curricula interesting for young students.

Client Requirement – Book Illustration for Young Readers

The client was in the market for an outsourcing partner whose team could relate to the mindsets of young readers, creating relevant illustrations that would spark curiosity and maintain interest. A strict deadline was imposed by the publishing house, necessitating the completion of the project well before the beginning of the academic year to accommodate the lengthy review-approval-printing-distribution process set by the school authority.





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Initial Challenges in the Book Illustration Project

  • The project required a thorough understanding of the mindsets of young readers.
  • Development of an educational approach to creating visual content.
  • Ensure appropriateness of the illustrations for young kids and support high-level learning.

Solutions by BackOffice Pro on the Book Illustration Project

An initial assessment effort was launched to understand the curricula and overall style of the visuals. BackOffice Pro instructional designers and educational psychologists offered additional internal support and set an internal guideline to develop visual content, illustrations for learners, to support high-level learning with an educational approach.

Major style guidelines regarding characters, color combination, and readability were defined at both a generic and book-specific level. Multiple feedback sessions were conducted to ensure client satisfaction at each stage of the process.

Two dedicated resources worked together on the two parts of the project: creative design and technical layout. The client requested an early-stage review of all the illustrations. This allowed us to deliver the illustration concepts early in the project timeline and have them approved. Once approved, we worked towards the final versions of the graphics and layouts that would look great both on screen and on paper using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Proactive design suggestions on characters, color combination, and the placement of text alongside visual content was welcomed to improve overall readability.

Takeaways from the Book Illustration Project

After successfully delivering the project well within the set timeframe, the client requested an ongoing contract for textbook illustration designs to cover the next season of textbooks, an opportunity for BackOffice Pro to further consolidate its position in the niche book illustration outsourcing market.

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