US-based Children Golf Magazine Publisher Received a World-class Magazine Cover Design and Preponing the Launching

Cover Design Support at BOP

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Meet the Client: US Based Children Magazine

The client is an entrepreneur and runs a monthly magazine on ‘Golf’ for children in the US.



New Zealand

Software / Application

Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Serif PagePlus

Magazine Cover Design Challenges at the Client’s End

The client contacted us to spruce up the cover page of the magazine. However, after a discussion with the client, we realized that the magazine production needed much more work. We decided to work towards meeting all the extended production necessities for the client.

Magazine Design Support at BOP

Several teleconference calls were arranged with the client to understand the actual requirements. The client was also educated on the different aspects of publishing a magazine. Along with producing the cover page, the team also helped the client identify key features like page flow, page plan, and design plan. We helped the client to develop the content and obtain high-quality images to go with the main thrust of the content in the magazine.

To oversee the whole project, we went above and beyond our initial brief. We ensured our design was delivered as a soft copy in a format the client was familiar with. We also suggested ideas on advertising with the client agreeing to set aside pages for ads. The entire magazine underwent a makeover before it was published.

Despite the client’s involvement in publishing, there were a few industry rules and standards that needed attention. These included particulars like page flow, page plan, and design. Being a start-up, not much attention was paid to trade practices. Apart from inadequate content for the initial issue, our challenge was compounded because we were not briefed on the cover page design.

Magazine Cover Design Outcomes

In this case, our service far exceeded client expectations.

  • The magazine was put up for sale within a month of the client’s contacting us.
  • We provided the client with overall publishing support that went far beyond a cover rework.
  • We could prove our ability to match global standards.
Magazine Artwork CTA

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