Experienced Children’s Book Writer Seeks Professionally Faded Illustration Design Through BackOffice Pro

Case Study Synopsis

The Client- An Independent Writer & Experience Children’s Book Publisher

Specializing in child psychology, the client is an established writer and publisher that has created several children’s books. Believing that writing for young minds is lot more challenging than writing and designing book illustrations for aged readers, special attention is paid in understanding the content of each book, and developing an approach for children to make the stories interesting yet informative.

By using this approach and utilizing several decades of experience, the client has become a successful expert in their chosen field.

Children Book Illustration Requirements for This Project

The client approached the team at BackOffice Pro (BOP) with a project involving illustrations for a new children’s fantasy story book. We were required to produce sixty illustrations based on twelve of the characters present in the story.

The client specifically needed these illustrations to have a Chinese style and we were also instructed to change certain colour tones to make each image look more faded.

Challenges Faced By Our Team During This Project

When our team took on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the detail the client needed for each image. At first we struggled with ascertaining exactly how faded each image needed to be, and what type of fading would be appropriate; be it antique fading or simply lowering the color intensity and detail.

To deal with this difficulty we presented our suggestions to the client who helpfully communicated a more specific description. Thereafter, we were able to move forward unhindered.

Children Team

Our Detailed Book Illustration Process

To ensure that the client received exactly what was needed, our team at BackOffice Pro utilized years of designing expertise coupled with top-of-the-range designing software to deliver a quality image output.

  • After the initial meeting with the client, our team started on a trial period which involved the completion of one illustration within eighteen hours (using one resource).
  • We then moved onto the main project, which had a timeline of three months and an allocation of two resources.
  • We started by creating a basic sketch of each character and then added in the any needed colouring.
  • These sketches were then uploaded onto Adobe Illustrator, where we added the final touches.
  • Once completed, these illustrations were then sent through the client for a quality check and our team touched up on anything that needed to be changed.


70% Cost Benefit for the Client Along with High-quality Illustrations

Mirroring the same manner and care in which this book is being written, our team at BackOffice Pro strived to provide attention to detail during each step of this project. By combining our expertise and world class software, we created a quality output that was not only to the client’s standards but also successfully expressed the very nature and characteristics the story itself.

Our team met each required timeline and in doing so also saved the client an estimation of 70% in costs they would have paid otherwise.

Due to our success with this project, the client has expressed great satisfaction with our work, and has requested that similar projects be handed by us in the future.