Leading Media Publication Firm Receives High-Precision Layout Design Services, Saves 60% on Overheads

A leading media publication firm countered its mounting resource and overhead challenges from the pandemic by outsourcing its newspaper and magazine layout services to BackOffice Pro(BOP). Leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of BackOffice Pro’s DTP service team, the client received efficient, easy-to-manage InDesign layout support, significantly saving their overhead costs.

  • Client Resource Management Issues and Increasing Overheads Causing a Dip in Profits
  • BOP offers Proficient DTP Services, Quick TAT, and Project Management Support
  • 99% Accuracy of Deliverables, Same Day Delivery & 60% Cost savings

The Story of The Client

The client is a prominent media publication company that empowers businesses with data, insights, and connections, promoting growth. The client provides insights and marketing solutions for 40+ brands in five sectors across the US.

During the pandemic, the client faced resource issues that affected their business and the production of the publications they managed.

BOP’s diverse skill set and proven BCP to negate any significant impact on production during the pandemic were the important factors that convinced the client that we were a perfect fit for their requirements!

Business Challenges Faced By The Client

The client faced multiple challenges due to the pandemic. Their major challenge was managing their remote workforce spread across 20 cities and catering to the respective markets. This presented significant issues with coordination, delivery, different time zones, etc.

These challenges resulted in a dip in their profit score by 50% and an increase in overheads related to the provision of necessary infrastructure and logistics support for the designers operating from different locations.

To counter the mounting challenges, the client required an outsourced team of experienced layout designers to work during their business hours. They needed consistent delivery of publications with an accuracy of over 90%, even during difficult situations like the pandemic. Additionally, the client intended to achieve a cost benefit by outsourcing its DTP services outside the USA.

Why The Client Chose BackOffice Pro

Impressed by BOP’s comprehensive subject knowledge, sophisticated infrastructure, skilled design team, and flexible engagement model, the client decided to outsource their newspaper and magazine layout design project to BOP.

Project Execution

To ensure adherence to client guidelines and deadlines, BOP adopted a procedural approach for the project. The steps involved in the project execution include:

  • Allocated a team of design professionals with more than two years of experience working with Adobe InDesign
  • Provided training to the assigned team based on design guidelines given by the client
  • The designers worked on the layout services for the client’s publications utilizing software that included Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator & Photoshop.
  • After the initial approval of samples, our team delivered 57 publications.
  • BOP also extended dedicated supervision and project management support.


Reduction in overheads by more than 60%, resulting in better profitability, was the major project takeaway for the client. The client resolved their resource and precision challenges by associating with our highly skilled team of layout designers and received deliverables with 99% accuracy and a same-day delivery advantage.

Moreover, BOP’s project management support helped the client effectively manage the project workflow without the hassle of hiring new resources or spending on infrastructure. This project also helped BackOffice Pro enrich its DTP and layout services experience in newspaper and magazine designs.

High-Precision Layout Design Services From BOP

With over 12 years of experience in the outsourcing industry, BackOffice Pro has worked in diverse outsourcing fields, including DTP-based projects. If you are facing similar challenges related to your layout design services, reach out to us to streamline your publication process to achieve successful outcomes.

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