Graphic Design Pricing

Design work is done in a number of different formats - sometimes as a single one time project and other times as part of ongoing work. We offer a variety of graphic design pricing options to ensure our customers have a range of solutions to choose from when they select us to take control of their project.

Base Graphic Design Pricing

We have divided tasks below into categories depending on the expected time commitment, expertise required to complete the project and other details that can be customized to your particular project. If you have questions about any of our per task or hourly rates, contact us to learn more.

Per Task and Hourly Rates

BackOffice Pro offers the following services to each of our customers at the listed rates:

  • Logo
    Our logo design services start at $150 per logo design. The scope, layout and style of logo, as well as any additional services ordered may affect the pricing.
  • Desktop
    Desktop publishing services start at $10 per hour and scale depending on your needs.
  • Illustration: Our illustration services start at $12 per hour and scale based on the needs you have.
  • Brochure
    Our brochure design work start at $12 per hour and is available for larger or smaller project.
  • Magazine
    Layouting - Magazine artwork and magazine layout services start at $10 per hour.
  • Book
    Book illustration services start at $12 per hour depending on the depth and scope of the illustrations needed.

Hourly Rates

Most of our services are available at an hourly rate. This rate is based on expertise, experience and the specific software and tools needed to perform the task. Rates will vary depending on the scope and expertise needed to perform your specific tasks.

Full Time Equivalent Rates

For long-term projects, we offer full-time equivalent rates starts at $1,400 per month. This includes one full-time monthly employee on a month-to-month basis depending on the duration and scope of your project(s).

Graphic Design Pricing Matched to Your Needs

We offer a full range of graphic design services priced to match your specific needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our graphic design pricing or any of the services we offer, contact BackOffice Pro today.