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BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers to opt for our specialized Desktop Publishing (DTP) services rather than pursuing the costly avenue of training up a brand new in-house team. BOP’s outsourced DTP services help companies in virtually every sphere, from education all the way through to entertainment, retail, marketing, events, and market research, among others.

BOP not only shoulder the burden of content and layout development for businesses whose in-house teams are focused on other projects, but we also act as consultants for our clients. We act as advisors, should guidance be required, and constantly endeavor to provide top quality desktop publishing work in every project we undertake.

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BOP’s Vast Range of Desktop Publishing Services

BackOffice Pro works closely with businesses who require marketing collateral, educational materials, or informational brochures of any kind. Our varied range of services includes:

  • Text Formatting Our customized services on print or web can make your marketing collaterals create an impact on your customers and sales.
  • Document Formatting Using a variety of specialized software packages, our team handles a variety of document formatting requests, from the creation of custom graphics templates all the way through to detailed text formatting and typography.
  • Cover Design Services We create striking eBook and print book cover designs of the highest quality, amplifying the topic of the book through clever and inventive design conceptualization.
  • Graphics Development Our talented team creates memorable logos and branding, beautiful publications, eye-catching print advertisements, memorable posters and billboards, trendy website graphics and elements, and custom signs and product packaging.
  • Marketing Collateral We design and develop any and all marketing literature including basic flyers, brochures, and detailed product catalogs.
  • Point of Sale Displays Our team creates spectacular wall displays, 3D display materials, advertisements, and customized designs to print on both large and small scale promotional materials.
  • Photo Editing Services We offer professional image editing services, adapting photos for DTP. These services include noise reduction, background adjustments, and color correction.
  • Typesetting Services In a global marketplace, our multilingual typesetting services are unparalleled. We use the industry standard platforms for page composition, including InDesign, QuarkXpress, Tex/Latex, and 3B2.
  • Layout Design Our teams incorporate the most popular DTP techniques to combine illustration, typography, photography and content into completely customized, professional-looking layouts.
  • InDesign Layout Outsourcing BOP's team of extremely talented Adobe InDesign experts deliver unique, fully customizable layout designs using Adobe InDesign for superior visual experiences.

Desktop Publishing Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

On outsourcing desktop publishing requirements with tight deadlines and custom requests of varying complexities, BOP’s dedicated team of DTP experts can tackle them all. Our team members and project managers are equipped with a wealth of highly sought-after skillsets:

  • Experience in coordinating publication projects of any size and scope. This includes educational textbook publishing, local and international marketing campaigns, and trending fashion magazines.
  • The vast amount of graphic design experience across several industries.
  • Conventional education in the fields relating to DTP and design, including User Interface Design, User Experience (UX Design), Graphic Design, HCI/Computer Science, among others.
  • Well-versed in the use of industry standard software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Publisher, and SharePoint.
  • Highly experienced in technical writing and editing.
  • Skilled in the interpretation of complex information, with the ability to independently structure the content and format of various communication products.
  • Strong instincts with regards to determining and implementing an editing approach that best meets the client’s needs.
  • Skilled in the preparation, maintenance, and updating of templates for standard office applications and advanced desktop publishing software.
  • Talent for design conceptualization related to various marketing materials including posters, logos, banners, brochures, newsletters, charts, exhibits, and conference materials.
  • Solid understanding of web-based technologies. Experience is working not only with several browsers, but also with Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML code, and object-oriented technology.
  • Highly skilled with HTML/HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS/CSS3), and ASP.NET.
  • Capable of using industry leading prototyping tools including InVision, Principle, and Marvel.

Benefits of Availing Our Desktop Publishing Services

In addition to BOP’s flexible contract hours - which offer clients a choice between FTE, hourly, and dedicated resources - our outsourced DTP services provide the following incomparable benefits:

  • Efficient delivery processes that support a high turnover rate and ensure complete transparency through continuous updates from the team.
  • Unbridled access to the latest software, fully licensed and used by experts who are fully trained to do so.
  • Advanced data security measures are put in place to protect each client’s privacy. Secure FTP servers are used for both uploads and downloads.
  • Backups of every file ensure that data loss will not cause any lingering problems.
  • BOP’s team is focused on providing the customer with top quality service. Should any sudden requirements occur, or the volume of work increase, additional resources can be set to task to maintain an efficient pace.

Outsource desktop publishing requirements to us and at BackOffice Pro, we endeavor to provide our clients with DTP services that impress. Should you require the keen eyes and expertise of our design professionals, fill in our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.