BackOffice Pro Case Study: Outsourcing Prepress Work

Due to both technological and marketing advances during the past decade, prepress publishing has become increasingly important to business and government organizations. Prepress refers to the critical processes that take place between the creation of a layout and final printing. Here is a case study illustrating how BackOffice Pro (BOP) applied their prepress publishing capabilities to deliver 13 instruction manuals in 45 languages within a 90-day timeframe to their client, a leading hearing aids manufacturer.

Client Profile: A World Leader in Manufacturing Hearing Aids

For more than 70 years, the client has collaborated with international audiologists to develop a popular and effective line of hearing aids. The company is based in Denmark and is the world's sixth-largest hearing aids manufacturer. The client operates globally in markets involving several dozen languages.

Business Need: Outsourcing High Volume Prepress Work with a Quick Turnaround in Multiple Languages

The client recently completed a comprehensive redesign of all product instruction manuals. Before printing the final version, the company needed extensive prepress work. The client wanted to complete the prepress project within 90 days, an ambitious timetable in view of 45 different languages and lengthy file parameters — a weekly volume involving 130 files of about 85 pages each. The client preferred to outsource the assignment to an experienced prepress partner. BackOffice Pro was chosen due to a long-term successful track record in partnering with Fortune 1000 companies, delivering high volumes of work and using a virtual private network (VPN) to access client servers and publishing software.

BOP Challenges: Overcoming 3 Potential Obstacles

Three of the initial challenges faced by BackOffice Pro included the following:

  • Matching VPNs with different software: The client used an older version of InDesign publishing software to design the new versions of their instruction manuals. This needed to be matched with more current and state-of-the-art VPN infrastructure at BOP.
  • Satisfying the client that BOP was the "right choice" - The client needed confirmation that they were selecting an outsourcing partner that could meet stringent quality and time guidelines.
  • Creating a dedicated workforce at BOP: The client needed to be reassured that a dedicated team would be working on their prepress project.

BOP's Solution: A 5-Step Process

BOP brought 12 years of specialized outsourcing experience to bear on the multiple solutions developed for the client:

  • A free trial: This allowed BOP to show their capabilities and also estimate a realistic scope of work at no initial cost to the client.
  • Invited the client to take a closer look at the BOP delivery center: This facilitated an "up close and personal" look by a client representative who could audit BOP operations, suggest changes and provide training.
  • Created a prepress team of four specialists: BOP provided a dedicated team of four full-time equivalents on behalf of the client.
  • Used the client's versions of InDesign and Photoshop via VPN: This accommodated the client's preference to use earlier software versions.
  • Worked weekends to get the job done on time: BOP recognized the difficulty of getting the project done within three months and chose to devote more weekly time from the beginning of the project.


Results: Another Timely and Cost-Effective Outcome by BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro completed the client's project within the desired timeline — 90 days. By outsourcing a complicated prepress assignment to BOP, the client achieved a 90 percent cost savings.