Established Online Printing Company in the U.S. Decreased Internal Expenses by 50% Outsourcing Restaurant Menu Designs

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BackOffice Pro is one of the eminent outsourcing partners for global marketing and branding firms providing engaging marketing material design services using insights, compelling and creative storytelling, and the latest technologies. The present case study reflects how BOP’s creative team creates 200 menu designs within the stipulated time and reduces the client’s burden.


Meet the Client: US Based Online Printing Company

The client is a reputable online printing company based out of Massachusetts, U.S.A., specializing in professional, customized options for marketing materials, in addition to assorted printed wares for all types of businesses. The company has an established clientele within the industry for over two decades and also handles a variety of worldwide markets.

Objective Behind the Restaurant Menu Design

The principal objective of the client was to clear off the backlog of menu designs at a faster turnaround time.




Software / Application

Adobe Photoshop


200 Menu Designs

Client’s Challenges with Restaurant Menu Design

With over 200 restaurant menus to design, the client required an experienced and capable outsourcing team to complete their large-scale project on a minimum timeframe of 24 hours per menu. Additionally, the client needed a team to create original logos that would allow the restaurant owners to market their brand successfully. This required a remote team that offered cost-effective services with extensive design knowledge. They contacted BackOffice Pro and hired us based on our experience and a strong portfolio.

Adhering to the short 24-hour turnaround time for each of the 200 restaurant menu designs with different menu design with the specific restaurant’s name, theme, and cuisine style were among the initial challenges. Understanding the nuances of each restaurant's theme, cuisine type, and name to craft appealing logos, which is a time-consuming process, and meeting client’s timelines were also added to the challenges. However, with an incredibly talented team, we overcame the challenges quickly.

BOP’s Custom Solution on Restaurant Menu Design

Solving the client’s menu design challenges required BOP’s team to develop an approach that combined creative designs with efficient time management. The client assessed our team’s design skills and flexible scheduling options with a no-risk free trial. We exceeded the client’s expectations, and we started working on the project and appointing two top designers to work exclusively on this assignment.

Using Adobe Photoshop, we completed the initial designs for the restaurant menus and logos and delivered them to the client for review. We worked on the feedback based on the client’s specifications and a quality check by the Quality Assurance (QA) team to verify complete accuracy. Finally, the final menu and restaurant logo designs were dispatched to the client via Dropbox.

Restaurant Menu Design Results

BOP’s ability to swiftly complete the project with high quality led to a substantial positive impact for the client. They eliminated their backlogs and decreased the internal cost to almost 50%. Being satisfied with BOP’s expertise and the professionalism of our services, the client extended additional work to our team.

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