Beating the Substantial Load of 9000 Logo Designs was Made Possible with Outsourcing

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BackOffice Pro (BOP), with an experienced team of graphic designers, curtails the needs of the in-house team when it comes to desktop publishing. Our desktop publishing services are well equipped to support global companies from various industries, including entertainment, marketing, retail, manufacturing, consumer product, and more. The case study discusses how BOP helps a global branding company with an enormous volume of logo designs.


Meet the Client: Branding Company in the UK

The client is a global procurement specialist, offering 360-degree solutions, including design, manufacture, and distribution to the textile industry. Founded in June 2013 and headquartered in Wembley, the company works with various market sectors ranging from retail, hospitality, travel and holidays, beauty and luxury, breweries. Their global teams facilitate an entire project management solution to ensure the delivery of the projects on time. Since its inception, owing to the customer-centric solution, the client has gained an edge to be a significant competitor in the target market.

Objective Behind the Desktop Publishing Requirement

The client had a massive volume of the logo to redesign. The objective behind the requirements was to support their clients with design and branding.





9000 Logo designs

Project Cost


Challenges of the Client in Desktop Publishing

The client had a backlog of 9000 logo designs, which they wanted to clear off as soon as possible with their in-house team initially. However, on realizing the low team bandwidth and tight deadline, they planned to outsource the requirements to a reliable partner. Coming across BackOffice Pro, they were overwhelmed with our expertise and experience and hired us to work on their project.

Custom Solution from BOP for Desktop Publishing

Once the requirements were discussed in detail, we devised a plan to execute the project smoothly. We received the low-resolution logo in JPEG format and formed a team of five logo designers and graphic artists. The team recreated the logo using Adobe Illustrator and delivered the output as Vector file / .ai and PDF format within the deadline of three months. The client was pleased with the quality, precision, communication, and dedication of the team.

Desktop Publishing Results

In the current pandemic scenario, when hiring a workforce had become a challenging task, the client cleared all the backlog of a considerable volume on time, which significantly benefited them.

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Outsource Desktop Publishing Requirements to BOP to Reduce your Burden

BOP shoulders the task of the logo, layout, and development of the visual content. We provide text formatting, document formatting, logo design, graphic design for supporting the branding and marketing needs of clients from all across the world. If you have similar requirements and you wish to shed off your loads, outsource desktop publishing needs to us to free yourself from other core activities of your business. Contact us to know how we can help you in completing your projects.

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