Outsource 3ds MAX Modeling Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a world leader that engineering companies choose to outsource 3ds MAX modeling services. With a highly experienced team proficient with 3ds MAX software and flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) model, we offer our clients accurate 3D models, animations, design simulations, visualizations, precise photorealistic rendering, and breathtaking 3D animation. We support architectural firms, product designers, interior designers, civil and structural engineering companies, and other companies worldwide that require architectural visualization and 3D modeling.

As your back-office partner, our team of engineers brings in-depth skills in the powerful 3ds MAX software. We deliver accurate output that has undergone multiple rounds of quality checks at various levels of the project. With seamless communication, we keep our clients informed about the project’s progress and incorporate the client’s suggestions to stay in line with their expectations.

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3ds MAX Services Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Choose BOP to outsource 3ds MAX modeling services in India and gain access to valuable skill sets. BOP’s team of experienced developers will bring your concepts to life through a vast skill set.

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  • Expert experience using Autodesk 3ds MAX and the ability to use all of its complex features to bring even the most complex concepts to life.
  • Masterful modeling and animation engineering abilities that support the development of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality projects.
  • Experienced in creating professional animations that use perfect shading and light reflection to present breathtaking designs
  • Experts in rendering designs that are realistic by using ray-traced reflections and global illumination
  • Experts in high-quality 3D modeling creation, including architectural designs and character animation
  • Masters in creating 3D walkthrough animation of buildings to bring them to life
  • Experts in the creation of intricate geometric and parametric designs and low poly models
  • Extensive knowledge of working with other add-in software that is used for multiple applications such as Unity, KeyShot, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Substance, and Lumion

3Ds MAX Modeling Services at BOP

As a top engineering company providing 3ds MAX modeling services in India, our team of engineers is highly capable of delivering the required output. Here is the list of extensive services we provide:

  • Surface Modeling With BOP engineers at work, you can collapse a parametric model to an editable surface model such as editable patch, editable poly, editable mesh, or NURB objects, and model the surface in various shapes based on your requirements. We also perform surface modeling by modifying the sub-objects of the surface.
  • 3D Rendering and Visualization At BOP, we create correct images and 3D animations using raytraced reflections and refractions, caustics, and global illumination Autodesk 3ds MAX, to add an extraordinary level of detail such as shading and realistic lighting reflections in various weather and climatic conditions.
  • 3D Modeling Get high-quality and accurate 3D models for your engineering needs that can be overlayed congruently on photos and videos to create computer-generated imagery (CGI). The 3D models we create can be uploaded to other software such as Revit.
  • NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Based-Splines) With BOP, you can create smooth and freeform surfaces and 3D geometric shapes with NURBS that stay constant under the standard geometric affine transformations. We follow the mathematical values to specify the control vortex (CV) influence on curves and surfaces.
  • 3D Walkthrough Create a 3D walkthrough to showcase your products and architectural projects from 360-degree angles. We conceptualize, design, visualize and integrate multimedia, animation, and graphic designs to bring life to static images and drawings, making them dynamic and eye-catching.
  • Polygon Modeling Outsource 3ds MAX modeling services to BOP to get detailed game designs controlling the polygons, and refine the models adding all minute details with bevels and extrude. With extensive expertise in 3ds MAX tools, we simplify mesh editing of polygon objects delivering an optimized output.

Benefits of Outsourcing 3ds MAX Modeling Services to BOP

As one of the best companies providing 3ds MAX modeling services in India, our clients get the following benefits when they outsource 3ds MAX modeling services:

  • Create powerful visuals of architectural renderings that are of the highest quality, allowing for virtual walkthroughs and flyovers.
  • Build detailed models of interiors and objects that showcase products, property, and services.
  • Breathe life into characters through powerful animation and VFX using 3ds MAX.
  • Render previews of animations, products, or stories using a skilled team of experts.
  • Produce high-quality renderings without having to dedicate an entire team to it in-house, thus allowing your people to focus on growth-related tasks.
  • Focus on creativity rather than the tedious nature of precise animation details.
  • Scale the production of content by freeing up time for writing new scripts and coming up with ideas.
  • Extend workflow by fully utilizing accessible APIs.
  • Accelerate all manual steps in the production process by outsourcing and boost your team’s productivity.

Outsource 3ds MAX Modeling Services to Get Accurate 3D Designs

BOP teams deliver amazing 3D modeling services, including surface modeling, 3D rendering, polygon modeling, parametric modeling, and 3D product animation to clients worldwide. As a renowned company providing CAD services for engineering needs, we have a skilled and highly efficient team that can be scaled up or down based on your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and outsource 3ds MAX modeling requirements to get the best outputs.