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HVAC Modeling at BackOffice Pro (BOP)

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading HVAC design and drafting company in India supporting the requirements of construction companies, architects, engineers, appliance designers, real estate companies for their commercial projects. We are a team of mechanical experienced engineers who understand the HVAC design needs for construction and provide 3D modeling and drafting of air-handling units (AHU), HVAC network, designing centrifugal fans, etc.


Client Profile- Dallas Based HVAC Product Design Company

Based out in Dallas, the client is an HVAC product designing company creating a difference for their customers. With an approach that is innovative and methodical, they deal with their customers’ needs with an action-driven outcome. Experts in mechanical engineering, the client is a specialist in designing high-performance Air Handling Unit (AHU), high-efficiency centrifugal fans, and the sound quality of the fans and highly effective HVAC network. They focus on different innovative measures to reach the desired goals.

Client Requirement: 3D Modeling of AHU

As an expert in designing the high-performance AHU, the client wanted to have a 3D modeling, design and detailing of the AHU from scratch, based on the capacity. They landed on our website and, based on our expertise, held hands with BOP and received the best 3D modeling and drafting services.



Dallas, USA


Solidworks 2018

Project Cost

$2500 per month

Challenges involved in the Project Initially

Getting a grip on the exact requirement and meeting the deadline were the two initial challenges. However, with daily interactions and working in real-time with the client with one coordinator in the client location, we battled the challenge and came up with a very smooth process.

Back office Pro Solution for 3D Modeling of AHU

BOP devised a customized solution to meet the client’s requirements.

  • The client shared the design data and documentation and the standard models (filters, cooling coils, fans, outdoor units, dampers, actuators), hand sketches and reference drawings through FTP
  • With a team size of 2 experts, we came up with the conceptual design (placement, mounting, installation, and servicing) and submitted to the client
  • With approval, we started the 3D modeling in Solidworks 2018
  • When finalized, we did the manufacturing drawing in Solidworks 2018
  • We submitted the final Solidworks 2018 models and waited for the feedback
  • Once it was finalized, the file was sent to the rendering team for visualization and presentation purposes.

Significant Benefits for the Client

The combination of skillsets that BOP possesses, along with offering the core offshoring benefits is difficult to find out. Therefore, the client received the assistance of the HVAC engineers and rendering team under one roof, accompanied by saving cost and time.


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BackOffice Pro’s mechanical engineers are highly skilled and deliver detailed 3D modeling, design and drafting services for the HVAC design requirements. Outsource HVAC design and drafting services to BackOffice Pro to get assisted in from the experts.

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