3D Modeling Services Helped Asset Management Firm in the USA Raise 40% Revenue

3d Modeling summery

Client Profile- Asset Management Firm in the USA

Headquartered in the USA, the international cultural and asset management and consulting firm providing consultations and museum planning services to institutions, corporations, governments, foundations, and individuals throughout the world through art and culture. Founded in 2008, the client had been designing and developing large-scale museums and exhibition spaces in with utmost sophistication and aestheticism.

Client Requirement: 3D Modeling of Monuments

Being one of the leading consulting firms providing museum planning services, they are in the process of showcasing all the best monuments and architectural grandeur of the world in the form of 3D models. They wanted to partner with a company to outsource the 3D modeling to be able to do the 3D printing of the structures. Holding hands with BOP, they are highly satisfied with the precision in the deliverables.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

While accomplishing the project, there were some challenges. They wanted the files to be in Rhinoceros, but we suggested .obg format, which can be easily used in 3D printing. The client agreed. Additionally, a high level of detailing and precision was required with an enclosed surface. The Team is well versed in handling such complex projects, and our high level of experience helped to meet the challenge. QC was done and then submitted.

3D Modeling

Back office Pro’s Customized Solution for 3D Modeling of Monuments

Back office Pro’s Customized Solution for 3D Modeling of Monuments

  • On receiving all the available information, we decided on the timeline
  • We started working to create the 3D Model in SketchUp and 3DS MAX
  • Internal QC was done before submission
  • We submitted the .obg files to the client for approval
  • Once they checked the compatibility for 3D printing, they got back to us if they found any issue. When all looked good, they set the model for production.

Additionally, we are also doing the drafting for them in AutoCAD


Key benefits at Client’s End

The client got the best team of architects and the 3D modeling artists to do the modeling of the structures and saved 40% on the overall project cost. They signed a contract with us for a continuous workflow. We are working on twelve models per month, and they are highly satisfied with our deliverables.

  • The client received both 3D modeling and rendering
  • Saved 60% of the cost.

They started with one video but based on the quality and expertise provided by the BOP team; they have signed the contract for ongoing projects.