Outsource MEP Shop Drawing Services to India

BackOffice Pro is a leading outsourcing organization in India, offering MEP shop drawing services to architects and construction professionals from various countries to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. BOP experts ensure the construction sites are free from clashes while linking between modeling and production, thereby adding solidarity to architectural construction documents.

Back Office pro team of MEP shop drawing experts adhere to client standards and requirements at various stages. Be it shop drawings for ducts and pipes drawings, EP spool drawing, 2D MEP coordination drawing, plumbing drawing, fire protection shop drawing, markup detailing, isometric drawing, assembly drawing, and more, BOP has it all. Outsource MEP shop drawing to BackOffice Pro and offload your load to us. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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MEP BIM Shop Drawing Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

The pool of engineers at BOP are highly experienced and proficient in MEP shop drawings. Let’s check out the skill sets:

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  • Highly skilled in shop drawings for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Life safety services
  • Seasoned in electrical services shop drawing comprising of raceways in the slab, main switchgear layout, riser diagram, placement of emergency generator equipment.
  • Proficient in HVAC services shop drawing comprising of ducting, duct liners, chilled water piping, equipment placement, supports, routing & riser diagram, etc. design and development of steam, chilled and hot water distribution.
  • Dexterous in plumbing services shop drawing comprising of water supply piping routing, drainage piping, sewerage layouts, toilet & mechanical room.
  • Proficient in life safety services shop drawing comprising smoke evacuation system, the pressurized portion of a building, fireman control centers, building & elevator distress communication systems, fire detection & alarm systems, fire extinguisher, etc
  • Hands-on experience in Building control system, building energy modeling, analyses, and audits
  • Proficient in BIM, Revit MEP, Autodesk 360 design, Dynamo, etc.

MEP Shop Drawing Services at BOP

We create all MEP shop drawings to ease up the construction workflow and aid in the pre-fabrication phase of a project. Here are the list MEP shop drawing services:

  • MEP Coordination Drawings

    BackOffice Pro’s MEP coordination drawings act as a connection between the architectural, construction, and engineering processes leading to the 3D model of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing outline details using Revit.

  • Spool Drawing

    We offer assembly of pipe and related components that can be used in the pre-fabrication and future installation. Our spool drawing helps plumbers to understand the information of all parts that are welded.

  • Plumbing and Piping Shop drawing

    BOP provides accurate and reliable plumbing and piping shop drawing to help the piping structure of a project. We deliver high-quality shop drawings for drainage systems, water pipes, gas piping, maintaining shop standards with proper documentation, tags, and annotation.

  • Fire Protection Shop Drawings

    BOP’s fire protection shop drawing includes information like occupant loads, fire-resistance-rated separations, egress routing. We create the sprinkler system layout, floor plan, schematic, schedule, and details.

  • Electrical Shop Drawing

    We create an electrical shop drawing to help electrical contractors understand the electrical system and facilitate accuracy and precision, reducing cost and schedule. It shows the point-to-point wiring connections.

  • Ductwork Layout Drawing

    The duct system provided by BOP includes sizing, optimizing, detailing, and the ventilation duct system layout. We offer the best ductwork layout drawing for the HVAC system required in commercial and industrial design projects.

  • Assembly Drawing

    BOP experts create an assembly drawing for the product with more than one part and sub-assemblies. We also create a Bill of Materials on each part of the drawing and quantity.

  • Isometric Drawing

    We offer isometric drawing that includes representing 3D objects in 2D format. Our picture helps in presenting the piping system required in engineering, procurement, and construction in the oil and gas industry.

  • As-built Drawings

    BOP team of engineers are skilled in providing as-built drawing to the construction contractors, architects, and engineers to help them in comparing the actual condition with the design condition.

Benefits of Outsourcing MEP Shop Drawing Services to BOP

BackOffice Pro team of highly skilled engineers offers a bundle of MEP shop drawing services combining with a few advantages as below:

  • Get an accurate representation of design and assembly instructions.
  • Get access to the built-in documentation for quick reference.
  • Receive an exact cost estimation and uniformity across products.
  • Get precise dimensions of the fabricated building components.
  • Lesson the turn-around time of the drafting of assembly and components.

Unlock the Best MEP Shop Drawing with BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro provides MEP shop drawings with tags annotations, dimensions, section views, plan views aids in visualizing the shop drawings from every possible angle. It helps in the smooth construction workflow, minimizing construction costs, faster completion, meeting construction standards, and local building codes. Get in touch with BOP to get the best MEP coordination drawings enabling a seamless workflow for your construction, architectural, and mechanical projects along with the outsourcing benefits.