BOP Helped Canada-based Company with Detailed POGs and Typesafety Graphics Along with Fixture Detailing

Our Canada-based Fixture Manufacturing Client

The client is a Toronto based company and a leading provider of in-store marketing services for retailers and brand manufacturers around the world. The client has been a trendsetter in the field for years and always designs products keeping the upcoming trends and exceptional strategy in place. With the help of its in-house production staff, the client has been making use of exceptional strategy and design to create award-winning displays and fixtures.

SolidWorks Detailing Requirement

Requiring SolidWorks drafting for metal fixtures, as well as 2D to 3D conversion, the client was looking for an outsourcing partner with experience in similar product development and the ability to complete the project within the expected timeframe.

Technical Challenges BOP Faced

Though the team at BOP has worked on many similar projects, still the analysis of the 2D drawings and visualize them in 3D is kind of unique each time a professional analyzes. That was the major challenge in the whole project. Also, as the team had to design a 3D model with a new type of arrangement by referring to the old models, the project required little innovation time.

Our SolidWorks Detailing Process Outline

In an effort to meet the project deadline and deliver a high-quality end product, the team followed BackOffice Pro’s step-wise process:

  • Approved Parasolid model and material details were received from the client, including wood, acrylic, and sheet metal details as well as plumbing, and electric routing details.
  • The BOP team asked the layout changes on the basis of the previous season models. Once the team received these details, changes were made to the initial 2D drawing.
  • We formed a team of 15 members to complete around ten assignments per week, each with a minimum of 5 change requests from the previous session model.
  • The 2D AutoCAD files were converted to SolidWorks 3D models for better visualization. Changes were made to the 3D model, and a new Fixture model was generated.
  • After approval of the model from the client, fixture detailing in SolidWorks was provided, along with part and assembly models.
  • Detailed POGs (planograms) were also created in Solidworks, and Typesafety (graphics for the template) provided.


Project Benefits

The client was highly satisfied not only because of the accurate fixture detailing we provided, but the effort our engineers put to design a new and innovative fixture display model. The client also appreciated BOP for its decision to assign more headcounts for the project to ensure on-time delivery.