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Due to the useful applications of 2D animation in advertising, TV shows, and computer games, BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides professional 2D animation service to the production houses requiring animations with low-bandwidth rendering. As a premier creative design company, BOP offers to act as back-office support on the full-time or ad-hoc basis for professional animators, and organizations requiring 2D animation for their projects. With a team of seasoned animators, BOP helps in reducing the high costs associated with technological development, maintaining an animation studio, and on-boarding skilled resources for high-value projects.

With more than ten years of industry experience, the animators at BOP cater to all types of animation requests from conceptualization, storyboarding, and character design, to the turn-key production of 2D animation movies. We specialize in many forms of 2D animation and bring to the table a wealth of hands-on experience and diversity regarding style, techniques, and applications.

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BackOffice Pro’s 2D Animation Skillsets

BOP’s team of experienced professionals offers a wide range of highly sought-after, industry-specific skillsets covering the entire 2D animation production pipeline, from scripting and character development to post-processing including:

  • Practical understanding of 2D animation production and 2D pipeline evaluation, and optimization.
  • 5+ years of professional experience as motion graphics animators and relevant experience in multimedia design, video editing, typography, and live action production
  • Specializations and extensive portfolios in children’s art and media, online education, cartoons, and other stylized animations, or gaming storyboard.
  • Understanding of the principles of cinematography including the use of lenses, lighting, positioning, camera movements, etc.
  • Highly experienced with the various facets of 2D and 3D animation, including principles of motion, timing, anticipation, follow-through, squash and stretch, and forward/inverse kinematics.
  • Thorough understanding of 2 and 3-point perspective as well as character anatomy, with extensive experience animating the bipedal human figure and other organic forms and characters in 2D.
  • Advanced computer-based image processing, image tracing, illustration, artistic design, animation and video editing.
  • Highly proficient with Adobe Creative Cloud applications: After Effects, Animate, Premiere, Illustrator & Photoshop, extensive experience with Toon Boom Harmony, Autodesk Maya, Final Cut Pro, FITS Liberator.
  • An eye for design, visual storytelling, various storyboarding like animated storyboarding, eLearning storyboarding, and principles of animation.

2D Animation Services BOP Offers

BOP’s team of animation experts offers a full range of 2D animation services which are well-suited to a variety of applications:

Pre Production Arguably the most crucial stage of animation production, our pre-production services help our clients build a comprehensive and consistent foundation for their project. We offer the following sub-services during the pre-production stage:

  • Character research, ideation, and conceptualization We align every detail with the storyline so that the characters, environment, and actions are both captivating and credible.
  • Scripting and storyboarding Detailed scriptwriting and accurate storyboarding allow the director to detect and avoid inconsistencies, keeping the target audience in mind.
  • Animatics or pre-visualization We use detailed animatics and pre-visualization to help our clients reduce cost, build consensus with the design team, and inspire creativity. We often use dialogue recording and screenplay to produce accurate animatics, which are used to adjust the timing of each shot, plan action timelines, adjust the soundtrack and produce animation layouts.
  • Character design and visual design We help our clients develop the right style and look for all characters, props, and backgrounds. We often produce series of alternative ‘model sheets’ for each element to help keep the look of the characters consistent throughout production.
  • Visual Asset creation We use cutting-edge tools to digitally draw and refine the characters, costumes, backgrounds, and props they interact with.

Production We use advanced technology to ensure we offer the best output, both time- and money-wise. Our highly-efficient process and latest software and hardware tools allow for the optimal balance between artistic creation and automation, managing keyframes, tweens, digital coloring, backgrounds, and compositing:

  • Keyframe development We use existing pre-production assets to break down each action into movements and identify and develop keyframes which are accurately put into context.
  • In-Between Animation Depending on the style of the project, we use either manual rendering or automated twining to add the intermediate frames between two keyframes, to morph the first keyframe into the second one.
  • Animation clean-up Precise tracing and clean-up are time-consuming, but they are essential stages in producing finished, well-defined animations. Animation clean-up is one of our core services.
  • Digital coloring and texturing We use digital coloring to automatically manage the color changes, lighting, and environmental rendering between sequences while making the character come to life.


  • Voice-over and sound effects We offer full audio production, including voice-over support in multiple languages via our extensive global network of voice artists, and any additional audio services like sound effects, background scores, jingles, music composition.
  • Compositing We carefully combine the separate visual assets into full animation scenes and make any final adjustments linking visual and audio elements into a cohesive output.
  • Video Editing We add the finishing touches for a perfect result. We edit the video as a whole and address any inconsistency before delivering the final animation to our clients

Animation Consulting Our package of consulting services responds to the various non-production needs of agencies and studios, whether they are trying to scale their business, reach international markets, or test the animation production waters.

Benefits of BOP 2D Animation Services

Benefits of our 2D Animation Services

  • Staying on trend – 2D animation has made a powerful comeback among the heavy CGI productions of the day. E-learning, social media, and advertisement are considered to be the main drivers.
  • Industry passion - Each of our team members has an exceptional mix of talents that we nurture at BOP. We are proud to have in-house animators specialized in children’s media, gaming, advertising and marketing, and education, among others.
  • Eclectic expertise – We have worked in various industries and animation genres, and we always pass along what we learn from our projects.
  • High-end tech – Our clients benefit from our high-end infrastructure of software and hardware tools without no internal costs to worry about.
  • Scalable – We accommodate projects of any size, and can commit dedicated teams or FTEs, who work on-demand, on hourly-based projects.
  • Long-term – We have become a trustworthy partner for many production agencies across the world. We are a production powerhouse that is seen as a strategic advantage by many of our long-term partners.
  • Data Security – Due to the sensitive nature of content in our time, data security is always a high priority, and extensive measures have been implemented to ensure our client’s digital assets are always safe.
  • Skilled Animators - At BackOffice Pro, all key members of our exclusive team have a minimum of 5 years' experience in animation and are thriving in our fast-paced, diverse, international work environment.


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