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BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides Logo Animation Services that allow companies to utilize the skill sets and technical capabilities they need to create dynamic, readily identifiable brand imagery. Businesses can outsource their spillover animation projects or creative assignments requiring highly skilled artists to BOP and can focus on other priority tasks. Being in the business for more than a decade, our passion for logo visualization including the mascot, combination marks, letterforms, emblems, icons and symbols, and wordmarks, is evident across all our high impact deliverables. With Adobe artistry and niche experience in UI design, we’re able to provide an outsourcing solution to meet all professional logo animation needs.

BOP has the creativity, and dedication to deliver quality logo animation developed on outsourcing pillars of transparency, affordability, efficiency, timeliness, and quality output.

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BOP’s Logo Animator Skill Sets

BOP has a highly professional team with animation capabilities necessary to meet the demanding logo design and visualization requirements:

  • Skilled in crafting logo-based web collateral, including art creation, edits, vectoring, digitizing, color separation, production proofs, and logo output.
  • Strong proficiency in graphic design software such as G-Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects).
  • Strategic logo design and animation experience, including integrated logos for campaigns, web-ready logos, packaging logos, large-format logos, event logos, corporate communications materials logos, and more.
  • Robust logo design and layout understanding for social media presence strategies, including Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, MailChimp, and more.

Outsource Logo Animation Services to Back Office Pro

BOP stays current with logo marketing and design service trends that contribute to the design and development of your company’s branding needs:

  • 2D Logo Animation BOP offers 2D logo animation that takes into account the brand aesthetic in design and client production requirements. Our service includes CGI vector graphics, cell animation, traditional animation, and more using Adobe Suite.
  • 3D Logo Animation BOP provides 3D logo animation developed from illustrations, sketches, and layouts to copies for online reproduction as per the client requirements. This includes designing graphic elements such as title treatments, transitions, and resolution options using Adobe Suite, Maya, and Autodesk 3DS Max.
  • Logotypes and Wordmark Animation BOP can custom animate a brand logo font design that encapsulates your brand or company name spelled out in either 2D or 3D animation. This includes original and custom typography to meet a variety of industrial uses and aesthetics.
  • Logo Symbol Animation BOP can create an emblematic logo that's readily recognizable based on a graphic or icon that acts as a symbol of your brand. This includes creating a custom brand symbol or building an animation based on a current brand symbol.
  • Existing Logo Enhancement BOP can edit, enhance, or animate existing brand logos, including determining size and arrangement of illustrative materials and copy, size and style selection, and arrangement layouts.

Benefits of Utilizing BOP’s Logo Animation Services

Companies can outsource logo animation projects to fill in capability and skill set gaps, receive custom solutions based on their unique logo branding needs, and stand out in a saturated market:

  • Collaborative Mindset BOP’s team collaborates with your company’s designers, production, and postproduction teams to deliver industry leading outsourcing executions while being mindful of client timelines and over-program needs.
  • Logo Maintenance Receive logo maintenance and sourcing, including scanning, editing, and graphic file conversion using digital asset libraries.
  • Image Sourcing and Copyright BOP can locate logo photos, abide by the copyright laws, release and usage requirements, purchase stock images, or work with service bureaus to deliver outsourcing support and output beyond client capabilities.
  • Organization Maintenance Streamline ease of logo development with reliably maintained and impeccable organization of files to better manage all aspects of logo conception and completion.
  • Streamline Workflows BOP can work with your company to design and implement go-forward processes to streamline logo animation postproduction workflows including creating proofs using online proofing systems.
  • Capability Support Receive knowledge and capability support for logo file transfers, FTP access, animation library options, online proofs, and more.


Outsource Logo Animation Services to the Animation Experts in India

Businesses who in need of capability support for their logo animation projects will be benefitted working with BOP’s skilled team of animators. Our dedication to staying ahead of the curve in graphic design and animation techniques, and our commitment to scalable, excellent quality deliverables ensures clients get the most from their outsourcing partnership.

Contact BOP for more information on how Outsourcing Logo Animation Services can help create more efficient workflows and gain an impeccable animated representation of your brand.