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BackOffice Pro is a leading outsourcing partner to entrepreneurs, corporates, ad film companies, film production houses, animation movie companies. We also assist marketing teams of companies with animatics services. Our team possesses animatics skills coupled with an eye for detail in characters, props, lighting concepts, and more.

Clients get access to the team of BOP animatic experts for their 2D illustration animatics, 3D animatics services, animated explainer videos for corporate meetings or product videos, etc. With all offshoring benefits, BOP offers the best solution for the animatics requirements for companies from all over the world. Outsource animatics services BOP, and we will take care of all your requirements.

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Professional Animatics Services Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

The BOP team of experts can deliver the best animatics services that are unmatched in the industry. Here is the list of skillsets we have:

  • In-depth knowledge of software including Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Flix, Cintiq, Toon Boon.
  • Substantial acumen of Traditional Animation, CG Animation, Visual Effects.
  • Strong at cinematography skills and fleshing out a scene or cleaning up rough panels.
  • Expert in conforming boards to animatic, possessing an artistic eye for detail and understand the technical specifications.
  • Highly experienced possessing strong aesthetics of character animation and movement.

Professional Animatics Services BOP offers

Let BOP team of experts assist you in your animatics requirements to enhance your business requirements with the following services:

  • 2D Animation One of the traditional ways to proceed with the video production, it helps artists and directors to follow the narrative and the plot cohesiveness. BOP team of experts is highly experienced in creating comprehensive 2D storyboards.
  • 3D Animatics Services Animation experts at BOP, deliver unmatched storyboard for all your video requirements, enabling you to knit your story with proper sequence. The storyboard helps in creating the video with ease.
  • Character Animation BOP team of animation experts delivers the best character storyboard for your business videos with animated characters and their movements. It helps you to convey your messages easily to your audience.
  • Digital Motion Graphics The motion graphics designers in BOP empowers our clients with the best-animated storyboards that tell wonderful stories about business with great visual appeal.
  • Animated Explainer videos BOP team of experts delivers world-class storyboard service that promotes your brand, product, and services. Our explainer videos will increase your sales, build your brand awareness, or help in educating your audience.
  • 3D VFX & Animation BOP experts, offer the best 3D VFX animation service for your business and position your brand. We create viral commercial videos for your brands that connect with your audience.

Outsourcing Animatics Services to India - Benefits at BOP

When you outsource animatic & previsualization services requirements to BOP, our team will help you with the following benefits with every project:

  • Stand out from the competition in the market.
  • Maximize engagement with your customers.
  • Enable your clients to understand your product while expanding your reach.
  • Develop your brand awareness through animated videos.
  • Impress all your clients at sales meetings and attract customers’ attention at events


Outsource Animatics Services to BOP and Convert Ideas into Animation

Eminent among the animation outsourcing companies, BackOffice Pro, offers professional animatics services to the clients. Whether the requirement is for corporate needs or animated movies, the deliverables are unmatched in the industry. Outsource animatic & previsualization services, and get the best animatic solution customized for your business needs.

Contact us today to know more about BOP’s 3d animation outsourcing and enjoy the outsourcing benefits at BOP.