BOP Provided the Millwork Detailing of a Huge Architectural Project for the 125-year Old Millwork Manufacturer in the US

About The Client

The client’s firm, established in 1891, is concerned with the design and manufacturing of magnificent millwork. With over 125 years of experience in architectural woodwork, their services include interior finishing, exterior finishing, and stock decorative millwork building components. They needed an experienced millwork drafting expert to partner with them in detailing their new 15,000 square feet office space project.

Project Challenges

  • Meeting a strict deadline on a large project, while ensuring high-quality deliverables.
  • Scheduling the massive amount of different detailing tasks as part of a quality-oriented process.

Project Requirement

The build area of the office was approximately 15,000 square feet. The client provided the initial concept design in the form of sketches and wanted the detailed CAD files containing the millwork details. The client requested a variety of specific formats for the output to respond to their entire range of needs.

The basic sketches needed to be converted into precision drawing files, within a timeframe of two weeks. These included:

  • Upper surface - Overview of the upper surface of the infrastructure that covers the entire build area, as a first stage in the drafting process.
  • Front elevation - Detailed drafting of the front elevation with a focus on aesthetics and planned materials.
  • Side elevation - Side elevation with a detailed cross section of each area of the infrastructure.
  • Specifications - Technical specifications of joinery details within strict parameters of stability, load taking, and sustainability.

The client was looking for a leading provider of architectural drafting services with proven expertise in millwork drawings that could meet the company's standards of quality and deliver professional grade technical drawings in several formats.

Solutions by BackOffice Pro

Tight deadlines are always a challenge with large, detail-focused projects; this strict two-week deadline was no different. Without adequate resources to tackle the project within the given timeframe, the client relied on BackOffice Pro to take some of the pressure off. We took care to customize our approach to create processes that addressed the specific challenges of this fast-forward project.

  • Thorough internal management

    As an established provider of outsourced architectural drafting services, BackOffice Pro was able to gather the necessary specialists within a few hours of the first call. As we take pride in always delivering professional and thoroughly reviewed final drafts, the tight deadline pushed our internal quality check procedures to their limits. Our team worked on a strict internal schedule to make sure that we were able to undertake our three-level quality check process.

  • Tight collaboration

    Discussions with the client commenced immediately for our team to develop an understanding of the concept, design, and materials involved. A detailed action plan and documentation process were drawn up for each work day. This kept the client up-to-date as the project progressed and opened up a channel for comments on our progress at any moment.

  • Dedicated expert team

    Two dedicated resources were assigned to the project, with backup resources on standby to ensure the strict deadline was met. Quality managers scheduled the project to strictly eliminate any waiting time in the project’s review process to maintain steady progress.

  • Specialized tools

    The client needed multiple output formats to support their production, and comprehensive plans were created to share and confirm with the client. To prepare the full stack of deliverables, two main tools were used for defined parts of the drafting process: AutoCAD and Revit.

  • Constructive approach

    We took a constructive approach towards drafting this project, starting with the basic drafts and progressing to address the required details. The main milestones were: Overview of Top Surface, Front Elevation, Side Elevation, and Joinery Specifications.

  • Quality assurance

    Two rounds of reviews were conducted by the client in the project’s early stages to ensure that we were operating within the correct parameters. Additionally, three levels of internal quality checks were put in place to ensure zero-defect delivery.

    The final deliverable consisted of a complex set of 2D and 3D representations in multiple formats, as well as key source files and iterations for the client’s convenience.


Project Takeaways

Our team was able to process the client’s requirements from the raw sketches and creative descriptions provided. Upon receipt of approval, the initial sketches were refined into the final deliverables.

The client was satisfied with the deliverables and the process of working with our team. As a result, an ongoing project contract was initiated.

Our team gained valuable insights and experience in processing and interpreting the creative notes and sketches from the client. The final products were of sufficient quality to cause the client to seek an ongoing relationship.