Drafting of Building Design Services for Buildings Destroyed in Southern California Wildfire in 2019

Building Design summery

Client Profile- Architectural Firm in the USA

The clients are an architectural and interior designing firm in the USA that was established in 1983. With a renowned presence at a national level and having bagged awards, they design applying environmental psychology concepts, classic design theories in tandem with the clients’ requirements. The 35 years old AIA registered firm supports the needs of its customers by designing beautiful spaces.

Client Requirement: Drafting of Building Design

The client was in search of an outsourcing partner that could support them in the drafting of the new design for the buildings destroyed in Southern California terrible wildfire in December 2019. The client required 3 site plan drawings and 1 site section drawings based on the attached PDF of the survey complying with the legal facets. They found BackOffice Pro and was sold out at our expertise and joined hand with us for their continuous projects.

Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

Initially, the project some challenges as a lot of coordination was required. However, with the level of details the client shared with us, along with extensive research, we overcame the challenge and executed the project smoothly.

Building Design

Tailored Solution of Back office Pro for Drafting of Building Design

BOP devised the below mentioned customized steps to complete the three projects in a month with a team size of 2 experts:

  • We received the initial information, google map, site location, drawings, and details of the projects before the wildfire began.
  • The client shared the instructions and markups on what changes to be made.
  • The new designs were created using AutoCAD.
  • We submitted the first draft.
  • Once the client was happy with the designs, we submitted the CAD files and pdfs.


Significant Benefits for the Client

The client can share their large volume of projects that was a colossal task for them. They can unload their burden to restore the buildings rapidly, damaged due to the wildfire while saving time and cost. The client is highly satisfied with our deliveries.