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BackOffice Pro (BOP) has an unblemished record of providing the most accurate and ingenious offline data entry in the industry. With a team of qualified specialists trained in the most current modes of data entry, processing, and capture, printed and paper versions of records and documents can be organized to business’s specifications. BOP utilizes exclusive software and technology to enter, convert, and format information, digitalizing the data and preparing it for compilation across databases, spreadsheets, and more.

When clients Outsource offline data entry services to Back Office Pro, their options include personalized services such as resource planning and obtainment, single project choices, and the facilitation of off-loading offline data entry teams to our state of the art facility. BOP's flexible solutions can readily conform to client timeframes, budgets, and workload scale, always delivering quality work at competitive prices.

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BOP’s offline Data Entry Skill Sets

BOP’s team undergoes sustained education in order to continually add to our existing scope of cutting edge online data entry techniques and skills.

  • The inclusion of multiple levels of specialists from both our offline data entry department and supportive sectors ensures projects completed quickly and favorably.
  • Offline Data Entry Clerk Inputs information from real sources and uses BOP's proprietary software and scanning technology, including OCR and ICR, to compose digitally and structure data in offline formats. Talented employment of editing, grammar, and configuring data architecture.
  • Data Entry Capture Specialist Aids the Offline Data Entry team in elaborate aspects of data capture. Proficient in relational and dimensional databases and data capture technologies, including BOP’s exclusive software. Advanced knowledge of SQL languages, including PL/SQL and T-SQL, as well as Word, MS Access, and Excel.
  • Senior Offline Data Entry Specialist Extricates critical information from multiple sources, such as forms, lists, payrolls, and records, using advanced data mining tactics, processes and formats data for final database requirements. Excellent command of Excel, Word, Access, and BOP’s premium automatic scanners and exclusive in-house software.
  • Team Manager An indispensable guide with years of experience and numerous qualifications to lead the Offline Data Entry staff in each assignment. Renders directives and quality control to allow for better project conclusions. Experienced in SQL languages and all facets of MS Office.
  • All team members are proficient in Excel, MS Word, Access, Outlook, and PDF formats to render spreadsheets and documents correctly.
  • Targeted Offline Data Entry solutions for URL List collection, form filling, form processing, and offline data entry of catalogs, business cards, mailing lists, image files, and more.
  • Ability to assist clients in resource management to engineering to Outsource offline data entry endeavors to the best conceivable conclusion.

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Offline Data EntryOutsourcing Process

The online data entry outsourcing process is entirely unique to each client, as BOP aims to provide a customizable method entirely dependent on venture particulars, part of our commitment to quality assurance and customer care.

  • Pricing and Resource Administration Options Pricing conclude that is in keeping with client budget quota, and we prepare resource administration options that will help find offline data entry venture efficiently and expertly.
  • General Training and Knowledge Transfer Rudimentary training begins, encompassing standard offline data entry values and introduction to requisite technology.
  • Evaluation and Offer Before embarking on the offline data entry outsourcing endeavor, BOP hosts a project evaluation to determine how our team can best serve client needs, and a subsequent offer presented.
  • Contract BOP’s contract will contain all pertinent Offline Data Entry details, and may involve NDA’s and similar directives.
  • Facility Based Training and Transition BOP provides professional segue strategies to expedite the subject based training all off-loaded offline data entry personnel undertake.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

Having a team of qualified offline data specialists available for consultation, resource administration, and single project services can allow clients to have access to a vast range of benefits.

  • Ability to perform extended offline data entry solutions beyond typical entry aspects, including indexing records and information, verifying information, assisting with clerical duties, filling in excel sheets, and converting images and data.
  • Save a substantial amount of money and time by redirecting your company’s internal resources to areas that necessitate attention, and contract BOP’s expert team to handle the mundane offline data entry assignments.
  • Enjoy organized data handled in a facility that follows meticulous security protocols and up to date technology so your business's critical documents, files, lists, and images can remain secure during the offline data entry process.
  • Scalable, modified options within our general range of offline data entry services so BOP can extract, enter, process, and compile information from volumes of materials both immense and small, be it employee records, magazines, surveys, bills, mailing lists, receipts, claims, and everything in between.
  • High ranking offline data entry specialists and Team Managers that cooperate to complete resource engagement ventures with the dedication to abiding by client's enterprise objectives, schedule, and financial constraints.
  • Access to BOP’s certified, rigorously trained offline data entry human resource division, all of whom pay attention to the minutia of the architecture, organization, speed, and presentation of data.

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