BOP Helped Spanish Fashion Designing Company with Image Annotation and Tagging Service

About the Client

Our client is an established designing manufacturer of clothing and accessories in Spain. The business is concerned with every facet of fashion, including the design, production, and direct sales of their products.

Project Requirements

The client was in search of a suitable outsourcing partner for creating a new direct sales website. The aim was to develop an extensive metadata enrichment layer for their image catalog records.

The project entailed familiarizing the BOP team with the full database of 1 million pictures, and the addition of keywords and bounding rectangles. Each of the images in the extensive collection required the addition of up to six footnotes and specific bounding box requirements.

The website was to go live within five months of the first contact with the client, which necessitated every aspect of the process to be completed before the time. In searching for a potential partner, the client prioritized experience in such tasks, a large enough team to tackle the workload, and the reliability to complete the task timeously.

Project Challenges

The project revolved around the use of specific tags and keywords, inserted throughout the Client’s entire e-commerce site. These essential elements were to be used cohesively with interlinking between images. This approach resulted in the creation of an annotation layer, used to offer information relevant to the items displayed.

BOP’s thorough analysis of the vast database unveiled the need for manual corrections to errors in the categorizing and identifying of multiple products. After a large portion of the project had been completed, two extra entries were requested for each picture on the site. This new development resulted in the need for BOP to review each of the completed items and alter each accordingly while adhering to the initial deadline.

Solutions by BackOffice Pro

  • Preliminary Process - Having discussed the task at length with the client, BOP’s specialist analysts began work adding each of the required elements to the first batch of 100 pictures.
  • Client Inspection and Consent - The trial process was analyzed by the client. Using the client’s feedback, the final project parameters were decided upon.
  • Additional Variables - The entire collection of pictures was analyzed. Making use of the insights gained into the types of pictures used, BOP put forward a set of suggestions to the client. The aim was to create meaningful keyword tags that would apply to individual images and their home categories. The client collaborated with our team to finalize the approved keyword tags for the project.
  • Project Commencement - Having built a team of 25 analysts for the project, the process entered its primary stage. Machine and human intelligence were used, with the latter organized around a full-time equivalent schedule. This approach resulted in an increased rate of work as familiarity was gained with regards to the subject matter, requirements, and the necessary edits to the images.
  • Hand Over - Groups of images were delivered to the client as the work was completed on each section.
  • Finalizing and Completing - Having completed internal quality control checks as each section was delivered, the client was invited to do the final analysis of the work. Once the client confirmed the end-product was in line with their requirements, the project was finalized before the arrival of the final deadline.


Project Takeaways

  • Client Benefit - The end product was delivered to the client within four months, allowing an entire month for the client to examine and tweak the site before the due date.
  • BOP’s Benefit - The process and productivity that this task demanded has set the tone for future successful projects.