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As a highly sought-after outsourcing partner, BackOffice Pro (BOP) assists internal teams with comprehensive order processing services. On outsourcing order processing requirements to BOP, we help you streamline your order processing procedures for both online and any brick and mortar business. BOP’s experienced data processing professionals understand that order processing is a key part of the sales funnel and thus help contribute toward boosting sales by our payment processing, shipping, and order tracking to return order management services.

With years of back office support experience, we have refined our engagement model and provide skilled resources on an hourly or FTE basis, based on our clients’ customized need. Offering a quick, accurate, and efficient support in the realms of data processing services, BOP helps improve a business’ reputation.

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BOP’s Order Processing Entry Skill Sets

BOP assists businesses in generating repeat orders. We are equipped with a range of skill sets that contribute towards our efforts of delivering a positive ordering experience:

  • Minimum of 3 years Industry-related experience as an accountant, business analyst, customer support executive, IT professional, or project manager.
  • Strong communication skills and etiquette for superior customer service practice.
  • Remote work experience to support a plethora of backend sales functions, including the establishment, maintenance, and updating of files, records, and all other relevant documents.
  • Excellent data entry skills to review and input data quickly, efficiently, and accurately by paying close attention to the finest details.
  • CRM and ERP Expertise and well-versed in the use of CRM and ERP platforms as well as a variety of other order management software programs.
  • Knowledge of shipping procedures and experience working with major shipping companies across the globe including DHL, Fed-Ex, UPS, and Blue Dart, etc.
  • Highly proficient in the use of eCommerce software systems with specific attention to shopping cart integrations, B2B sales portals, and marketplace integrations.
  • Skilled in database management and well-versed in the database updating processes required to maintain maximum accuracy including updating names, email addresses, postal and physical addresses, and phone numbers.

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BOP’s Order Processing Services Offered

BOP’s teams offer a range of order processing services that help to improve the day-to-day running of your business. We are well-equipped to handle the process of any e-commerce order from beginning to end. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Order Fulfillment We excel at inputting all the necessary order details including item information, customer information, quantities, invoice data, packaging, shipping methods, and more. We are highly skilled at both individual and bulk order processing.
  • Payment Transaction Processing BOP’s teams are well-versed in processing the payment transaction details of customers around the globe. Our expertise keeps delays and errors at bay. We perform a range of tasks including credit card authorizations, past payment audits, invoice creation and send-out, check processing and price verification.
  • Product Shipment Management By verifying all the necessary shipment information, including carrier details, dispatch scheduling, consignee address, and mode of transportation, we ensure a completely smooth delivery process.
  • Return Order Processing In the event of a return order as a result of damages caused while in transit or as a result of incorrect product delivery, our teams can quickly and efficiently handle the situation to stave off customer dissatisfaction.
  • Order Tracking We provide customers with the security they need by tracking orders while they are in transit. Customers are notified of expected delivery dates as well as any unexpected delays along the way.
  • Inventory Management We keep things running backend smoothly by restocking items promptly. Controlling products effectively helps to avoid out-of-stock events that could cause frustration on the customer’s side.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BOP’s outsourcing teams are well-equipped to handle even the most stressful order processing challenges. In addition to our round-the-clock availability and affordable rates, we also offer the following benefits:

  • Flexibility of Service Our teams can adapt to changing business priorities without charging exorbitant fees.
  • Accuracy in Order Validation Our team's process, validates, and authenticates orders swiftly and accurately. With a close to perfect accuracy rating, we can avoid confusing with item names, quantities, pricing, and order tracking numbers.
  • Low-Risk Business Expansion By outsourcing the menial tasks associated with order processing to BOP, businesses can pave the way for growth and expansion without any hefty investments.
  • Robust Infrastructure and Advanced Technology We provide businesses with access to the advanced technology required to ensure completely uninterrupted, top quality services.
  • Cost Effective Team Expansion BOP helps you to expand your teams without investing in permanent staff. This helps to lower the cost of team expansion and training of new staff. Our resources are available as and when needed.
  • Security and Client Confidentiality We guarantee that our order processing services are completely secure. We ensure that customer data is never compromised. NDAs and service level agreements are part and parcel of our service offerings.

Accurate and Reliable Order Processing Services from BOP

BackOffice Pro helps to improve the way your business runs on a day-to-day basis. Our flexible resources offer a reliable safety net that ensures smooth order processing from the client’s first shopping experience to product delivery.

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