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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a global market innovator and leader in accurately and securely processing checks. Our team has over a decade of experience in delivering the best results, from fraud checking and duplicate spotting to digitization and repeat check payment services.

With a support team of online check processing specialists, we enable total peace of mind and improve the cash flow of any business by making use of our proven procedures and advanced technology. Supporting your existing team, BOP offers to provide FTE or ad-hoc resources for handling check processing tasks end-to-end.

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BOP’s Check Processing Entry Skill Sets

BackOffice Pro’s elite team of globally renowned industry professionals has over a decade of in-depth experience in check processing services. Our skills include:

  • Able to manage high-volume projects, maintaining a steady pace to ensure on-time delivery. We optimize our resources and team sizes to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Experience in developing and working with repositories with multiple image formats and styles. Our team is capable of assessing and managing any type of check capture and processing them efficiently.
  • Total compliance with regional legislation, including laws governing bank secrecy, money laundering, bank policies, and procedural requirements.
  • Up to date with the latest industry-specific software and functions including spreadsheets and databases, word processing, record management, and full statistical abilities.
  • Over a decade of experience with major software platforms. We are familiar with all variations of a word processor, database, spreadsheet, record management, and other key software related to check to process.

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BOP’s Check Process Services Offered

Check processing is a delicate and time-sensitive undertaking that requires total procedural control and data integrity. Our team provides comprehensive check processing services including:

  • Converting Electronic Checks Our team can receive checks over the phone, via fax, or through cutting-edge, secure online protocols. The required data is extracted from these sources and digitized.
  • Data Entry BackOffice Pro’s iterative processes enable our team members to rapidly and accurately capture data from checks. We manipulate the data into editable, easily maintainable databases.
  • Verifying Checks We offer reliable check verification services for electronic and physical documents alike. Confirming account and routing data is key to smooth check processing.
  • Recurring Checks Repeat payment checks can be checked and verified without the physical presence of a new check in hand. By recording check data and obtaining EFT authorization, our team ensures the process runs smoothly.
  • Routing Number Validation Our protocols include built-in routing number validation competencies. This enables BackOffice Pro to reduce the challenges associated with telephonic routing transpositions.
  • Telephonic Checks We handle the receipt of check payments via outbound or inbound telephone calls. Our in-depth data security protocols provide advanced protection to our clients at every step of the process.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is a leading provider of data processing services across a wide range of industries and geographic locations. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Cost Reduction We enable you to save on expensive collection and processing costs, reduce the risks associated with traditional check processing, save labor costs, and assist in optimizing capital management.
  • Maximum Convenience Working with BackOffice Pro means you can offer your clients the convenience of telephonic or online form-based check submission.
  • Consistent Support Our team is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. We remain available for any support or assistance our clients may require. Our detailed reporting ensures that each process is fully transparent.
  • Detailed Monitoring Procedures Our team identifies and flags payment errors, duplicate payments, fraud attempts, and relevant alerts. Bad check risk is significantly reduced through the optimization of cash flows and clearing procedures.
  • Internal Team Optimization We lighten the workload, enabling your internal teams to focus on their core competencies, and growing your business. Our consistent, high-speed processes ensure rapid turnaround time with zero errors.
  • Data Security We ensure the constant safety and integrity of your data through our adherence to global financial legislation, data protection laws, and our own stringent internal security protocols and encryption capabilities.

Industry-Leading Check Processing Services

BackOffice Pro delivers the best check processing services in the industry, through a potent combination of detailed iterative procedures, data security protocols, and team scalability. We ensure that our clients are always updated on the progress of their projects and remain in control of their spend and deadlines.

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