Californian Flooring Solution Provider Achieved Dual Objectives of Cutting Operational Costs By 60% and Improved Service Quality

The Client

The client is an Apartment flooring solution provider in California. Established in 2005, it has grown to be the largest flooring solution provider in the state. Its specialty lies in large multifamily property management and owners.

The Situation- Business Need

The client was looking for means to cut costs by bring cost effective production methods. This had to be implemented without compromising on the quality of their work or increasing the eventual cost of their flooring projects. The reason for immediate work reforms was to reduce work cost and bring better quality control. In order to achieve these dual objectives, the client had decided to implement order processing.

The Challenges

To handle its order processing, the client had decided on an offshore partner. The client needed an overhaul of their system in order to be cost-effective and competitive. This brought about some unique challenges:

  • The company’s entire accounts had to be maintained.
  • Cost centers and cost units had to be identified and set up.
  • Additional support was needed to evaluate the cost of flooring material.
  • Calculating estimates of floor plan costs for the client. These would eventually be part of the detailed floor plan for the client’s customers.
  • Evaluating and deciding on the cost of services and products.
  • Cataloguing, scrutinizing and understanding various costs.
  • The sharing and retrieval of information was conducted through remote desktop. There were concerns about the speed and connectivity of this whole operation.

The Back Office Pro Solution

Given the many-faced nature of the challenges posed to us, we had to come up with a comprehensive solution. These included:

  • To solve the slow connectivity issue, we decided to implement a cloud computing system.
  • Deployed a dedicated team with expertise in order processing techniques.
  • Identified units and spots to better determine and find the source of direct and indirect costs.
  • Prepare for the client a detailed cost of various flooring material so that an option that combined both excellence and low costs could be selected. This could then be passed on to the client’s customers on a project to project basis.
  • Finally, a cost analysis report was prepared catalogued, scrutinized and understood with regards to the various costs and their effect on the company’s profit margin.
  • Internet connection with a high bandwidth
  • Cloud computing system
  • Identified and fixed work units with MS-Office compliance.
  • Implemented Windows XP as the company’s operating system.


The Results

Our innovative solutions more than met our client’s various needs:

  • The client was able to cut down on costs to more than half – about 60%.
  • The client was able to slash operating costs and streamline various operational functions with our comprehensive cost analysis reports and solutions. Through the delegation of cost centers and units along with transparent accounting procedures, the client was able to identify areas of wasteful expenditure. Consequently, cost control measures could be implemented in a targeted manner.
  • Downtime could be reduced significantly through our efficient cloud computing system.
  • With the reduction in costs and increase in productivity, the client was able to achieve their main objective of devising more cost-effective flooring to its customers.