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BackOffice Pro is a global outsourcing partner supporting product and service companies with product animation for a new product launch or existing products. Our product animation simply tells the product story with a photo-realistic and accurate representation of product features and specifications, packaging, and all details. Amidst the competitive business environment, the 3D product animation from BOP stands out in conveying the product attributes to the customers contributing to the advertising and marketing strategies. Outsource product animation needs to us and get the best service that speaks about your product.

BOP animators assist automobile, electronic, consumer goods, engineering, architectural companies with product animation services. Be it a product demo, product briefing, product advertising, 3D product presentation, or product installation; BOP has the expertise to support all kinds of product animation needs. Contact us today to know more about our service and discuss your project in detail.

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Video Animation Service Skillsets at BOP

BackOffice Pro has a highly skilled pool of animators to support product animation for global companies with the following expertise:

  • Proficient in working Nuke, Autodesk, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
  • Experienced in storyboard illustrations of the products with the instructional design
  • Efficient in generating scripts, final 3D animations, and numerous product videos using motion graphics via After Effects.
  • Adept in creating 3D modeling, with clear concepts in texturing and lighting ideas, and interactive animation for instructional material
  • Expert in Flash animation for using in sales presentations, animated sequences for web and kiosks
  • Highly skilled in developing detailed 2D animation and 3D graphic design and product explainer videos to demonstrate the products demo, features, specifications, and aesthetics

3D Video Animation Services BOP Offers

We offer a wide range of product animation services that portray product features and details, reflecting our expertise. Here is the list of services:

  • 3D Product Demos 3D product demo from BOP helps the customers in getting a 3D tour of your products with 360° spin and rotation. It enables the customers to view the products from all angles facilitating a precise understanding of the look and technical specifications.
  • Product Advertisement We create powerful product animation portraying the features and specifications in a compelling manner to lure customers with the product specifications, features, packaging design, color, and more. It serves as a powerful advertising tool.
  • Product Briefing and Concept BOP animators offer product briefing animations detailing all the features of your products with a realistic demonstration with soothing visual effects and sound mixing. It helps to explain the product concept, how it is helpful, the workflow, and the result.
  • Product Assembling Animation Our product animation showcases every step in product assembly and machine assembly process, and the packaging, explaining its utility, which influences the buying decisions of the consumers.
  • 3D Product Presentation BackOffice Pro animators create powerful product animation for demonstrating as marketing and sales presentation to potential customers. We add practical visual effects that help in explaining the product specifications.
  • Product Installation Animation We create 3D product installation animation that describes the steps for installing the product and the process for its maintenance. It helps you sharing the instruction easily with customers, dealers, and vendors.

3D Video Animation Service Benefits at BOP

The BOP combines certain benefits with product animation services when outsourced to us:

  • Get 3D product animation that makes your product look appealing and covers up the product imperfections
  • Educate your potential customers and dealers with the features and functionalities of your products
  • Ease out the process of installation by sharing your product installation animation with your installers, dealers, reducing installation errors and increase scalability


Get Appealing Video Animation from BOP to Influence your Audience

BackOffice Pro supports product and service companies with breakthrough product animation that acts as a powerful marketing tool. We make product animation visually appealing that gives a clear understanding of the features, attributes, product assemblies, technical specifications, and more influencing the audiences’ decision. Offshore the product animation needs to BOP and facilitate your customers with the ease of understanding your products better. Contact us today to discuss your requirement in detail.