Outsource Product Packaging Design Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a back office support provider for product packaging design services, including creative prepress design, artwork development, proofing, and more.

Hire our skilled designers for product packaging assistance and help your customers convey product value, improve buyer experience, enhance brand image and shelf visibility, launch new products and more. With BOP, you can create eye-catching packaging designs that are not only practical and innovative but also establish brand identity.

To create your back office team today and design product packages that fit into production timelines and budgets, contact BOP.

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BOP’s Product Package Design Services Skillsets

At BOP, we have skilled, qualified illustrators and graphic designers with the following skill sets:

  • Skilled designers, illustrators with a Degree in Graphic Design/Fine Arts and a minimum of 2-5 years of experience in design
  • Experienced with style guides and concept development
  • Able to illustrate free hand, and adhere to creative briefs
  • Familiar with manufacturing, aesthetics, branding, and functionalities to deliver high-quality final output
  • Skilled professionals in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3DS Max, Maya, and Adobe packages
  • A high level of skill and experience in managing successful internal relationships
  • Experience in e-commerce creative product packaging design with a focus on driving interaction and sales etc.
  • Knowledge of logo/branding development, commercial (product) photography, photo retouching.
  • Well versed in basic animation, illustration
  • Experience in 3D animation services including skeletal animation, motion capture, crowd simulation and more
  • Able to deliver 12-15 product illustrations within 24 hours (depending on project)
  • Visually aesthetic and able to work with tight deadlines
  • Able to adapt to a growing team as well as demanding business needs

BOP’s Product Package Design Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers product packaging design support to communicate the value of a product to potential consumers. Our resource team has proven packaging expertise in the FMCG, electronics, technology, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Hire our resources if you are looking to create product packages for beverages, grocery items, health and beauty products or more. Our services include:

  • Basic Product Package Design We design appealing packages for bags and containers, cases and shells, labels and sleeves, boxes (plain, corrugated, embossed, etc.), cartons (plain, folded, duplex board, etc.), pouches, cans, etc.
  • 3D Product Package Design We work with both 2D drawing information and hand-drawn sketches. We use realistic 3D renderings to show texture, color, structure, and choice of materials in new package design.
  • Product Package Redesign We breathe new life into an old product package with effective 3D designs and prepress services that increase product awareness and sales

Why You Should Choose BOP for Packaging Design Services

Our product packaging designers help you make a better first impression with affordable, high-quality,100 percent original designs. Some of our competitive advantages include:

  • Hike Brand Identity Our professional packaging designers ensure your ideas look as close to the actual product as possible through an understanding of your brand identity, product attributes, marketing and sales strategy, etc.
  • Target Specific Audiences At BOP, we acquire all target customer information and data from our clients and deliver a wide range of aesthetic packaging designs.
  • Avail Ready to Use Package Designs Avail flexible services and get to market faster. Our designs need less or no rework and can be readily used both online and in print.
  • Create Informative Packaging that Sells We include logo information, any custom images you wish to add, copy on the packaging, nutritional info if applicable, product size and layout specifications, etc.

Packaging Design that Sells Products Instantly

If you are looking to outsource to product packaging back office companies in India, consider BOP. We enable you to view how the packaging will look in life-like conditions before the actual production begins.