Outsource Storyboard Illustration Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is an experienced storyboard illustration service provider, based in India. At BOP, we assist your internal design teams in creating the creative elements required to develop the complete storyboard. Be it for children book illustration or film script storyboarding, our creating team creates animated characters, concept sketches, and background themes, etc. to make your job easier in offering storyboard services at the most affordable rates.

If you want to set up a back-office support team or want additional resources to assist with storyboard illustration services, we can help. Our resources skillfully create high-resolution vector/raster illustrations in PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPEG files output formats as per your specifications. Contact BOP today for storyboard illustration back office support.

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BOP’s Storyboard Character Design and Illustration Skillsets

At BOP, we have skilled, qualified illustrators and graphic designers to assist you. Our resources have the following skillsets:

  • Ready to work on overnight turnaround for clients working on a tight deadline
  • Able to deliver high-resolution vector/raster illustrations in PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPEG file formats
  • Experienced with style guides and concept development
  • Able to illustrate free hand and adhere to creative briefs
  • Proven experience in book, comic, magazine, or gaming character illustrations, eLearning storyboard
  • Able to determine illustration requirements/correct design issues where necessary
  • Skilled professionals in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, well versed in 3D animation software including 3DS Max, Maya
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience in 3D animation services including skeletal animation, motion capture, crowd simulation and more
  • Excellent knowledge of design basics (lighting, composition, perspective, texturing, colors, etc.)
  • Ability to create art and animation for all game aspects (screen layout, symbol sets, etc.) with minimal guidance.
  • Excellent communication skills and organizational skills
  • Able to work on multiple projects simultaneously and be flexible to the ever-changing environment of a fast-growing company
  • Proven traditional 2D animation experience
  • Able to deliver 12-15 illustrations within 24 hours (depending on the project)
  • An eye for detail, visually aesthetic and ability to work under pressure and with tight deadlines 

BOP’s Informative Storyboard Illustration Services

At BackOffice Pro, our storyboard illustration services include thumbnail storyboards, animated storyboards, film storyboards, cartoon storyboards, etc.

  • Digital Illustrations BOP’s storyboard designer use hand sketches or digital illustrations to produce boxes similar to comic strips to explain what is happening.
  • Concept Design BOP's storyboard illustration services provide early checkpoints by verbalizing initial concepts in one or two paragraphs. This helps the client or production team to validate that the concept is going in the correct direction.
  • Story StructureBackOffice Pro outlines the story (via storyboards) before production begins. This reads like a comic book, and target audiences understand the concept before the green light is given for the next stage of production.
  • Post-Production Editing BackOffice Pro’s storyboard services expedite post-production editing. Our storyboard illustrations serve as an editing guide to the editor, produce better editing, and eliminate the need for multiple editing revisions.
  • Illustration Flow Design BOP’s storyboard illustrators provide a rough plan that shows details like camera placement, light sources, people, and props. BackOffice Pro's storyboard illustrators help production personnel save time and increase precision by allowing the production team to play with angles and perspectives ahead of time.

How BOP’s Storyboard Illustration Services Can Benefit Your Business

At BOP, we identify and eliminate errors in the production chain and save you time and money while improving the overall quality. Our proactive checks help you avoid errors related to media and narration before they occur. The benefits of working with BOP include:

  • Cover the Whole Video Production Process BOP storyboard artists are skilled in all aspects of video production. We ensure you receive storyboards that are consistent with all video production requirements. This means you can outsource additional video production needs like editing with to BackOffice Pro.
  • Experienced Storyboarding Team BOP's storyboarding experts, can start your project immediately, whether seasonal or not.
  • Meet Tight Production Schedules BOP's services are much faster than those done internally. With some services available on an overnight basis, you won't delay video production.
  • Improve Comic and Game Creation Process At BOP, we help you improve the comic and game creation process, simplifying it and eliminating errors. Our professional-quality Gaming/ Comic storyboards convey your vision to production artists in the shortest amount of time.
  • Cost-effective Pricing Though the pricing dynamics for different storyboarding projects vary, BOP offers competitive pricing in addition to quick turnarounds and high quality.

Create Narrative Storyboard Illustrations with BackOffice Pro

With the perfect storyboard in place, you avoid filming an entire scene and then replacing it with another. Our storyboard artists are available for hire at the most affordable costs. Contact BackOffice Pro for professional storyboard services from India and meet all of your video production goals.