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3D Character Creation Assistance at BackOffice Pro

3D character is the focal point of any animation video, game, animated movie, etc. BackOffice Pro’s animation team serves as the back-office support for the 3D character creation for various animation needs of the global animation companies, production houses worldwide. We create unique characters with vibrant colors that are sure to catch the eyes of the viewers. The highly skilled animators and illustrators develop 3D characters based on the needs and perquisites of our clients’ character animation needs.


Meet the Client: Online Game Development Company in Canada

Based in Ontario, Canada, the client had more than six years of experience in online game design and development.

Objective Behind the 3D Character Animation Need

The client was developing a new game and wanted to create 3D characters to make it visually appealing.




Software / Application


Challenges Faced by the Client with 3D Character Animation

The client wanted to develop the characters for their online games and was looking for a partner who could create 3D animation and expressions for these various characters. To obtain superior quality results, the client was looking to partner with a vendor who can deliver highly creative 3D animation at a competitive rate.

3D Character Creation Support from BackOffice Pro

The client was very particular about the character expressions they wanted for their online games. Their requirements were quite specific, and this restricted the team from exploring too many creative ideas.

The online games created by the client had numerous had both male and female characters. Thus, creating character animation for male and female proved to be quite challenging and time-consuming. However, our streamlined process with a team size of three animators exclusively worked on the project using Maya and overcame the challenges seamlessly.

3D Character Creating Results

The client was highly impressed by the quality of the 3D animation expressions created by the team for their online games; the client assigned some of their ongoing work to the BOP team. Our 3D character animation helped the client in obtaining the following benefits:

  • Received superior quality animations that matched their expectations
  • Reduce the animation budget by 40%
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