BOP Provided Skilled Animators to Develop Animated Characters and a 3D Video Depicting Human-Animal Interaction

Our Client – American Video Production Company

Our client is a US-based corporate video production company specializing in the production of promotional videos, explainer videos, animation videos, staff training videos, commercials, special effects, and event coverage videos, amongst others.

Animated Video Development Requirement

For this project, the client was looking for an outsourcing partner to develop a video in which a person would be talking to an animated horse. BackOffice Pro (BOP) was tasked with creating a horse with a full range of human emotions, and to deliver a video in which a man converses with the animal in an engaging manner.

Challenges That BOP’s Team Faced

One of the most significant challenges we faced was finding the best way to impart human emotions and behavioral traits onto the animated horse. We needed to make it believable and not comical. Our team of talented animators rose to the challenge, creating a character that the audience would truly be able to connect with.

Our Process Outline for the Project

We made use of Maya and Adobe After Effect in our strict, thorough step-wise process:

  • After our initial meeting with the client, during which we ironed out the finer details, we received the video of the man talking to an invisible character.
  • The team at BOP created a model of a horse, which was sent to the client for feedback.
  • After the first round of approval, we animated the discussion between the animated horse and the man.
  • The video clips were rendered into one, flowing video.
  • During the next step of our process, we added the client-provided voice-overs to the video.
  • Our final step was to synch the horse’s lip movements, readying the video for a round of final rendering.
  • The final video was sent to the client for approval.
  • Once approved, our team successfully closed the project.


Project Benefits

BackOffice Pro has been working with this particular client for some time. After several successful smaller projects, the client was impressed by our consistent professionalism, customized pricing model, and asked for this project. This new project was delivered within record time, and at a level of quality that surpassed the client’s expectations. We look forward to working with them on many exciting projects in the future.