eLearning Storyboard Outsourcing to India

BackOffice Pro is a paramount instructional company in India providing eLearning storyboard services to institutes, educational companies, and big organizations. We layout the eLearning storyboard maintaining the instructional design principles to solidify the eLearning modules with content and interactive visual elements. Our instructional designers intrigue the learners with content and visuals as well to make the learning experience highly engaging. Outsource eLearning storyboard services to BOP in India to get engaging eLearning modules.

We analyze and design the module while incorporating text, audio, and visual elements like pictures, charts, graphs, screenshots, icons, and more in the storyboard. We choose the design methods and elements along with the accurate authoring tools. Be it the course content outline, written storyboard, or visual storyboard, BOP instructional designers are well-versed with the eLearning storyboard designs. Contact us to discuss your eLearning storyboard services requirements.

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Instructional Design Storyboard Skill Sets at BOP

The storyboarding team at BOP is highly skilled in designing storyboards for various requirements. We offer eLearning storyboard services with the below skill sets:

  • Proven working experience with Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Flash, Lectora. Storyline etc.
  • Skilled in developing & designing eLearning storyboard with SCORM output
  • In-depth knowledge of visual design, graphic design, multimedia, and animation
  • Expert in creating visual storyboards, course outline, on-screen text, audio narration
  • Proficient in infographic design, and written storyboarding, adding charts, graphs, pictures, etc.
  • In-depth understanding of Learning Management Systems (LMS), using plain language principles and style guides

eLearning Storyboard Outsourcing to BOP

Our eLearning storyboards help the visual design team as well as the rapid authoring team to deliver an explanatory and interactive learning experience. Here is a list of services we offer:

  • Course Outline Before drafting the course content in the written storyboard, BOP experts create a detailed and precise course outline that helps in a synchronized flow of the content while facilitating an accurate view of the course content layout.
  • Written Storyboard We create the written storyboard with the help of the course outlines document. The storyboard is presented screen-by-screen or slide-by-slide. The written storyboard is very helpful when it comes to eLearning course materials.
  • Visual Storyboard BOP’s instructional designers create the visual storyboard which is a hybrid of the written and visual storyboard. We use eLearning opening tools and PowerPoint to create a visual storyboard that helps in rapid eLearning development.
  • PowerPoint Storyboarding Based on the requirement, we display the visual content in PowerPoint, incorporating the interactive elements like notes, audio scripts instructions, etc. Our storyboarding is helpful for the eLearning modules of our clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Instructional Design Storyboard to BOP

Storyboarding from BOP helps the eLearning design and development team comes with different benefits as below:

  • Create a blueprint for the course content to help the design and development team
  • Speed-up your eLearning content production process
  • Prioritize your focus on the learning objectives with precise storyboard
  • Create effective storytelling with instructional designs
  • Offer a smooth learning experience with audio and visual storyboarding
  • Help your SMEs to focus on the content and share feedback with our eLearning Storyboard services


Build Exceptional eLearning Storyboard to Present the Learning Materials

BOP’s instructional designers aim at developing synchronized storyboarding for the eLearning materials to ensure an easy comprehension and smooth learning process. Our storyboards make the design and development process much easier and efficient while delivering visually rich and engaging eLearning experiences for the target audience. Contact us to know more about our eLearning storyboard services to get the foundation of the eLearning courses and create a map to illustrate the learning materials with interactive designs.