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BackOffice Pro (BOP), offers video game storyboard services to the game making companies across the world, that provides a better visual presentation while building the game. Our gaming storyboard gives a clear perspective of how the game will look and proceed before the prototype of the game is tested. We help game developers to identify the gaps in the game action, progressions, and add depth to ensure a rich gaming experience. Outsource video game storyboard services to BOP in India to transform your game into a visual art form.

As one of the top video game storyboard design firms, BOP’s experts create “cards'', that represent the script or the sketch of the scenes. Be it the 2D storyboard, 3D storyboard, character creations, or game design document; BOP experts are highly experienced in creating the video game storyboard. Contact us to know more about our video game storyboard services and discuss your requirements in detail.

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Video Game Storyboarding Services Skillsets at BOP

BOP has a highly skilled team providing video game storyboard services to gaming companies and developers from various corners of the world. Here are the skillsets of our video game storyboard artists:

  • Expert in drawing and interpreting the gaming concept script and scene-setting
  • Proficient in illustrating the character emotion and gestures
  • Exceptional quality clearly communicate the story-line of the game through visuals
  • Adept in enhancing the video game design storyboard and functionality through background designs, props designs, game scene environment designs, with 2D graphics
  • Experienced in creating effective visuals like loose sketches, blue-sky paintings, mark-up
  • Highly capable in pre-visualization to check the game design at every stage
  • Proven working experience Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Marvel, Blender, Maya, Zbrush
  • Dexterous in Unity3D game engine with a clear understanding of game art limitations
  • In-depth understanding of camera angles and explaining the same in the storyboard

Video Game Storyboarding Services at BOP

Being among the leading video game storyboard design firms in India, BOP has a wide array of gaming storyboard services for different games like cloud games, VR games, mobile games, console games, arcade games, text-based games, and much more, to support various gaming developers with a strong foundation. Check out the services below:

  • 2D Storyboards BOP’s storyboard experts create 2D gaming storyboards to sequencing the story revolving around the game. Our 2D storyboard covers actions, dialogues, and points, explaining the progression of the game.
  • 3D storyboards we employ computer graphics programs to create 3D storyboards that subs serve as a sample of the in-game design. It explains the navigation, sequence, flow, and the overall UI / UX of the video game and its progress when operated through a joystick
  • Character Animation We bring animated characters to life and incorporate them into the gaming storyboard. As an essential part of the storyboard process, our character creation makes the game interactive and interesting.
  • Game Design Document We also create the gaming design document to detail every aspect of the game like the menu, characters, the background story, the progression of the game, the events and points, etc. The gaming document helps the developers in creating and testing the game.
  • Animatic Storyboard We provide the animatic storyboard to put the scenes in sequences that help in the process of animation. Our animatic storyboard helps in visualizing the pacing of the scenes and interaction between the visuals and the sound.

Benefits of Outsourcing Video Game Storyboarding to BOP

BOP is one among the major companies offering video game storyboard services in India, providing several benefits to the client as below when they outsource their requirements to us:

  • Clearly communicate your gaming concept with strong visuals with the developers
  • Sketch out your ideas, characters, scenes and place them in proper sequence
  • Visualize the entire video game design storyboard sequences, progressions, milestones and climax
  • Get a clear idea of how your game will look like, the user interface, once developed


Get Engaging Video Game Storyboard Services to Enhance your Gaming Project

Video game storyboards are crucial to support the development of the game. BOP’s storyboard experts create an effective storyboard based on the game’s plot and map out your ideas into creative and 2D or 3D animated layouts that are converted to various video games. Our clients from all across the world trust us for gaming storyboard, 2D animation, 3D animation, character creating, animatics, and other storyboarding servicesContact us to discuss your requirements at length and outsource video game storyboard services to avail of ouroutsourcing benefits.