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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a renowned outsourcing company catering to eCommerce companies, agencies, photographers from all corners of the world in their image tracing requirements to support their demand for high-quality vector graphics. We trace the components of a pixel image with individual paths, scaling images, and graphics that help in editing the images without compromising the quality. Outsource image tracing services to BOP in India to receive high-quality graphics.

We have a highly skilled team for image tracing, needed for various business requirements such as logo, floor plans, and drawings, that are available in print form and need to be digitized. We ensure an in-tact detailing, that is scalable and serving best for print and plot solutions. Contact us for more details on our image tracing service and how best we can assist you in your business requirements.

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BOP’s Digital Image Tracing Services Skillsets

BackOffice Pro has a team of a highly experienced team of image editors who possess the below skills:

  • Proven working experience of image editing tools like Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Lightroom
  • Highly experienced in image tracing, raster to vector image conversion and vector image editing
  • Proficient in masking/pathing, background cleanup, cropping, vector masking
  • Expert in photo manipulation, complex layering, compositing, curves/levels adjustments
  • Adept in accurate mask-cutting, alpha channel masking, pathing
  • Deep understanding of the finer photography elements and visual effects

Vector Image Tracing Services at BOP

Tracing images is vital for scaling the image for various needs. We offer to have a wide range of services as below:

  • Raster to Vector Conversion BOP experts offer vectorization of a raster image. We take the bitmap images and re-image it in the form of vector images that can be scaled to any sizes without compromising on the quality.
  • Vector Graphic editing Our vector graphics editors edit and compose vector graphics images interactively, along with clipping path, photo manipulation, etc., and finally share them as PDF, EPS, WMF, VML, SVG formats.
  • Clipping Path We also provide a clipping path, which is a closed vector path, that is used to cut 2D images. We include the component inside the path after applying the clipping path, excluding the elements outside the path.
  • Image Masking Services Image editors at BOP offer non-destructive image masking, wherein we hide some areas in the image to highlight the other areas. We detect edges, motion, and reduce noise, allowing you to adjust the masks whenever you want.
  • Color Correction Services BOP image editors are committed to create success stories for our clients and help in adjusting color tones, enhance the required portions, eliminate red-eye effects, and more based on the business requirements.

Benefits of Vector Image Tracing Services from BOP

While tracing image is not suitable for every use, our services are accompanied with the following benefits:

  • Get images with independent resolution that can be scaled to all sizes to fit in a different canvas.
  • When magnified, the images do not get blurred, so you can easily use them in websites
  • Scale it for website logos, visiting cards, brochure, billboards and more
  • Use it in animation and presentations, change the color and sizes without affecting the whole image


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Use Digital Image Tracing to Scale your Images for Supporting Every Business Needs

We at BackOffice Pro offer image tracing services to convert images to vector graphics that can be scaled and used according to the business needs. With vast experience in image tracing and other image editing services, we remain unprecedented with our output in the domain with a broad portfolio of global clients. Contact us today to know about our image editing service and how we can support your business.