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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the top social media monitoring companies. We provide social media measurement services to global companies from all industries. We assist them in identifying their brand advocates and positive and negative views about the brands. Our expertise in social media portals, blogs, forums, reviews, news sites, etc., helps us create social media monitoring strategies for our clients. Outsource social media monitoring services to BOP.

Also known by the names like online analytics, buzz analytics, social media intelligence, etc. Our social media monitoring report reveals the keywords, influences, engagement, sentiments around the brands, the media type, language, region, date and time, and much more from the publicly available data. Contact us to get a glimpse of what is being said about your brand with our social media monitoring services.

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Social Media Measurement Skill Sets at BOP

As a top social media monitoring agency, our team of social media analysts possess in-depth knowledge of social media management while efficiently offering social media monitoring services to brands. Take a look at our skill sets below:

  • Experienced with all social media communities and networks, delivering useful social data insights
  • Experience with social media analytics tools like Brandwatch, Netbase, Crimson Hexagon, Mention, Sprout Social, HootSuite
  • Proficient in providing social media management services including brand research, brand performance, brand advocates, sentiment analysis, through keyword-based search
  • Expert in turning data into insights and creating data-backed reports compiling with actionable recommendations.
  • Adept in qualitative research skills, perform market research through social media analysis, summarize consumer data, and forecast trends
  • Ability to perform competitor analysis, and consumer views towards the competitors
  • Keyword-based Monitoring BOP team of experts offers keyword-based monitoring, which includes the brand names, product names, competitive product names, industry keywords, etc. Our brand keywords help companies to understand their brand performance and marketing efforts of the competitors and more.
  • Brand Advocates We help global in identifying their brand advocates, who elevate the brand through positive and negative reviews. BOP’s social media analysts locate the more than average web users who are prolific information creators about your brand, contributing to useful insights.
  • Market Research Our social media monitoring services help in researching the product market to gather data within a day or two as compared to the conventional market research techniques. We collect the true feelings of the customers related to your and the competitors’ brands and identify the latest and upcoming trends.
  • Sentiment Analysis BOP interprets and classifies positive, negative, and neutral emotions from the text data deploying text analysis methods. We identify the customer sentiments related to the brands, products, and services from the feedback, reviews, comments, and user-generated content that are available online.

Social Media Monitoring Services at BOP

  • Trend Analysis Social media analysts at BOP, perform social media trend analysis to anticipate the shifts and changes in the consumers’ attitudes, values, demographics, needs, the local and global trends among the consumers. We engage in social listening to actively recognize the current and forecast upcoming trends.
  • Competitor Analysis As social media monitoring is not only limited to our client’s brand, we analyze what people are saying about your competitors and their brands, their positive and negative reviews. The competitor analysis from our social media monitoring services helps the clients to analyze the scope for their products and services.
  • Brand Performance We measure the brand performance with real insights about their views around a brand or the organization from the blogs, comments, likes, shares, available in the social networks, and other online platforms. With the brand performance analysis, our clients can compare themselves against their competitors.

Benefits of Availing Social Media Monitoring Services from BOP

BOP supports clients from all across the globe and from various industries with social media monitoring services accompanied by the below benefits:

  • Identify how the consumers feel about your brand and organization
  • Strategize your marketing and other initiatives backed with data
  • Make better and informed decisions with the consumer and brand information
  • Anticipate the changes in consumer preferences and analyze trends in the local and global markets
  • Implement improvements in product and services identifying negative sentiments


Harness the Power of Social Media Management Services to Strategize your Business Approaches

Social media is a crucial tool to build relationships between brands and consumers. BOP assists in monitoring the brand image and collecting all qualitative and quantitative data around the brand and organization. Our report enables companies to set fundamental business goals based on the data, improve some areas, and strategize for commencing growth. Contact us to know more about our services and how you can outsource social media monitoring services to us to avail our outsourcing benefits.