Venture Capital Firm from the USA Formed Better Business Strategies with the Detailed with the Technology News Summary

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Meet the Client - USA Based Venture Capital Firm

The client is a leading venture capital firm based in New York that was formed in 1994. They offer investment consultation in public equities, commodities, macro-trading, fixed income, financial assistance, seed money, financial analysis, and advisory services, and other types of investments.

Objective of the Technology News Monitoring

The client, as one of the best venture capital firms, always keeps the team updated with the latest global advancements in technology so that they can identify the best areas to invest.




Industry :

Technology Industry

Volume :

Technology News Monitoring Across the World

Client’s Challenges with the Technology News Monitoring

Being an investment firm, the client required to receive a weekly newsletter – for news related to global technology advancements. They were looking to hire an outsourcing partner who had the expertise in market research, competitive analysis, news monitoring and could complete the project within the expected deadline. Lured with the competency at BOP, they outsourced their requirement to us and received the best competitive report.

Customized Support of BackOffice Pro for News Monitoring

Once we received the briefing from the client on the requirements, we researched and created a database of the summaries of news stories about technology or innovation advances, excluding the core technology. Each newsletter included a link to the original story and the review of the relevant news stories based on the public, open sources. The report will consist of technology that impacts various industries producing new materials, new components, new processes, and vertical-market software and services.

Information on hardware, earnings, merger, and acquisition, personal changes were not covered. Some information that was behind a paywall but was relevant, we included the link for the client to decide whether to pursue the information. With ongoing discussion on the best sources, we prepared the best report on the Newsletter that helped the client make a better decision.

Technology News Monitoring Benefits

The client received a complete report on the news in technology innovation worldwide with a price benefit of 30%. They were highly satisfied with our pool of experts and the output we delivered.

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