UK Based Information Service Provider Used Back Office Outsourcing to Get Exceptional News Clipping At Affordable Pricing

The Client

The client is a leading provider of business information, based in the UK. They were looking to for an outsource partner for research and formation of succinct news reports on 11 industry sectors.

The Project

The client required an analysis of press reports, examining and summarizing business news and articles from emerging markets like Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East on a daily basis.

Each report, complied on the specified 11 industry sectors, had to give a concise, tactical insight. The news reports were targeted at senior management executives to facilitate their decision-making.

The Challenge

The 11 industry sectors we had to cover were spread across broad geographic area. Given that the client had also specified a template, additional training was also required.

The Back Office Pro Solution

To begin with, we instituted a precise training schedule for our web researchers and analysts. The schedule, lasting 2 weeks, was planned according to the client’s manual. Then we started a daily web research. We had to find and download related business pieces that came under the specified parameters.

Each of the news articles were to be summarized as per the client’s specific instructions. We also integrated the client’s feedback during the training stage. The project’s completion was undertaken under project managers, qualified journalists, and management graduates.


The Results

After the successful completion of the project, we are already working on its second phase. This will include additional industry sectors over a wider geographic area. It is also likely to include a summary of financial news articles along with business news.